原创 2018-01-02 圣哲曼 新纪元扬升之光

Saint Germain’sNew Year Message, January 1st, 2018




Happy Happy New Year!

Before I get to SaintGermain’s message, The MAIN Event, here is a little info about 2018 which openswith a Super Moon BANG!

A Full Moon on JanuaryFirst is VERY rare and it is a Super Moon to boot. What a great way to startthe year! Just what is a Super Moon? In the “olden days” astrology said themoon was in Perigee which meant it was the closest to the earth in its orbitand therefore appeared larger and brighter. Now it is called a Super Moon whichis more fun and descriptive than Perigee. Apogee is the term when the moon isfurthest away from earth.

January 31st is also aSuper Moon & a Blue Moon (which refers to thesecond full moon to occur in any calendar month) & an eclipse, too! This isthe year’s only eclipse for North America. Its total phase can be seen fromwest of the Mississippi and in western Canada.

December 2017 was also aSuper Moon, so we have 3 in a row! Quite appropriate to Saint Germain’sMessage.

And of course, 2018 is aMaster Year! 2+0+1+8 = 11, a Master number. Obtaining your Mastery will beeasier this year, in spite of some pretty heavy astrological configurations.


新年快乐 !


在我讲到圣哲曼的信息之前,有一个关于 2018 年的小消息,这始于超级月亮突然地降临。


1 1 日的满月是非常罕见的,它是一个超级月亮。这以一个很好的方式来开始了新的一年!什么是超级月亮?在“远古时代”,占星术上说月亮处在近地点,这意味着它在它的轨道上离地球最近,因此显得更大、更明亮。现在它被称为“超级月亮”,它比“近地点”更加有趣、更具体的描述。“远地点”是指月球离地球最远的时候。


1 31 日也是一个超级月亮和一个蓝月亮(指发生在任何月历的第二次满月)和一个月蚀!这是今年北美地区唯一的一个月全食。它的总相位是从密西西比西部到加拿大西部,从这些地区可以看到。  【2018年1月迎來兩次超級月亮】


2017 12 月也是一个超级月亮,所以我们有 3 次!非常适合圣哲曼的信息。


当然, 2018 年是一个大师之年! 2+0+1+8=11 ,一个大师数字。尽管有一些相当复杂的星相配置,但今年成为大师将会更容易。



AscendedMaster Saint Germain’s 2018 New Year Message

扬升大师圣哲曼 2018 年的新年致辞


This year we will makegreat advancements in raising frequency for the planet and all who live uponher. A brand new Energy is coming this year. One that will propel you into anew level of Being. . . a beginning of the Super Human. Super Moons to SuperHuman, a bit of cosmic humor. This is what you have been waiting for, hopingfor and hanging on to see this come in your lifetime.

YOU are going to change,the world is going to change, even politicians and corporations are going tochange, in ways that you can not imagine right now.

As my former student,Albert Einstein, once said: “Problems cannot be solved at the same level ofawareness that created them.”

You, and all, will reach ahigher level of awareness that will then be able to solve the problems of theworld. You will see things very differently and the solutions will be crystalclear.

How do you move into thisnew Energy & Awareness in the speediest, most effective and graceful way?













H E A R T !

Stay in your Heart nomatter what is happening to you and around you. It will not always be easy todo. You will have challenges. The chaos and darkness is not over yet, however,your Heart can help you through it. It is the only way.







Hereare clear instructions I wish for you to follow.

1. Be aware of the world aroundyou. Do not bury your head in the sand. Know what is happening in your countryand the world with politics, education, finances, medicine, weather, theenvironment, and all other aspects of life.

2. Viewthem without attachment, judgement or emotions. Be the Silent Witness. Justobserve.

3. Youwill see changes happen. You will see greed and corruption turn into kindnessand respect for all of life. You will see anger and discourse turn into peaceand harmony.

4. Allwill appears as Miracles, and they are, yet they are not, because that is thenatural state of the new Energy and Awareness coming.

5. Whenyou view the old ways, the greed, corruption, violence, and tragedies, STAYNEUTRAL, and STAY IN YOUR HEART.

6. Usethe Violet Flame EVERY DAY on yourself and on the world. Whenever an incidenthappens, direct the Violet Flame to go to that location and transmute all lowerenergies. Turn the negativity into PINK LIGHT – this year we use the PINK LIGHT– always.

7. Writedown ALL you wish to accomplish this year, as well as, what you wish to become.Dream Big! Read this list out loud to yourself once a week, every week for thewhole year.

8. Takevery good care of yourself. Eat well, sleep well, take time in nature, laughand be happy.

9. Knowthat I AM always with you. Call upon me and I will answer.




 1. 对你周围的世界有觉知。不要把你的头埋在沙子里。了解你的国家和世界正在发生的事情,包括政治、教育、财政、医疗、天气、环境和生活的方方面面。


2. 不带有感情,不带评判,不带情绪地静静地如是观。只是观察。


3. 你会看到变化的发生。你会看到贪婪和腐败转变成对所有生命的仁慈和尊重。你会看到愤怒和指责转化为和平与和谐。


4. 所有的一切都将呈现出奇迹,因为这是新的能量和意识的自然状态。


5. 当你看到贪婪、腐败、暴力和悲剧这些旧模式时,保持中立,让你的心如如不动。


6. 每天为你自己和世界祈请紫罗兰火焰。每当有意外发生,就把紫色的火焰引导到那个位置,转化掉所有低的能量。把负面的东西转化成粉红光——今年我们会常常使用粉红光。


7. 写下你今年想要达成的一切,还有,你想成为什么样的人。这个远大的梦!让自己每周大声念一遍这个清单,在全年里每星期做一次。


8. 好好照顾自己。吃好,睡好,多接近大自然,欢笑,开心。


9. 要知道我一直都在你们身边。召唤我,我会回应。



There is a song from “DamnYankees” which opened on Broadway in 1955 titled “You’ve Gotta HaveHeart”. It’s rather corny by today’s standards but the message isgold. Let it be our private theme song for 2018.


有一首来自于 1955 年百老汇开幕时“失魂记”里歌名为“你必须有勇气”的歌。按照今天的眼光,是相当陈旧的,但内容是最合适的。让它成为我们 2018 年的主题曲吧。


1955 HITS ARCHIVE: (You've Gotta Have) Heart- Eddie Fisher




My deepest Blessings toyou,

I AM Ascended Master Saint Germain









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