[A sannyasin says: Any efforts to accept myself only seem to strengthen my ego; so it’s a circle. I want to get out of the circle. I feel I’m missing a lot – of life, of you – by being in that circle.]


[ 一个门徒说:一切接纳我自己的努力,似乎都只是在强化我的自我(小我),所以它是个恶性循环。我想摆脱这个恶性循环。我觉得自己严重的错过了生命,错过了你——通过待在这个恶性循环里。 ]




That’s true! If you accept yourself you feel it brings some ego?




Forget about the ego. Accept yourself, mm? We will see about the ego later on; first accept yourself totally.




Let the ego come; the ego is not such a big problem, and the bigger it iS, the easier it Is burst. It is like a balloon, mm? – it becomes big then just a prick and it is gone! Let the ego be there, that is allowed, but accept yourself and things will start changing.




In fact acceptance means acceptance of the ego too, then it is total acceptance. Start by accepting.




But start accepting. I need a few great egoists around here too. I need all kinds of people! Right? Good!




译自:OSHO Believing the Impossible Before Breakfast



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