After many months of minimal contact(except via dream state),the Anshar have again initiated direct physical contact with me.


经过几个月很少的接触 ( 除了通过梦境状态 ) ,安沙尔再次开始与我直接的身体接触。


They explained I had to be without their guidance for some time to allow me and those close to me to experience the incoming cosmic energies.These energies and our higher selves have served to facilitate the reveal of our egocentric distortions,which we needed to acknowledge and process.




Ka-El-Lil,one of the Anshar elders that I met during my three days stay in their city,explained that many lightworker communities feel trapped in ego and their own distortions.He pointed out that most believe an outside source is persecuting them and engaging them in negative greetings or targeted attacks by those close to them.However,nothing could be farther from the truth.By turning and looking inward,we could see where all of our problems reside.


我在安沙尔的三天时间里遇到了一位长老卡 - 艾尔 - 利尔,他向我解释说,许多光之工作者社区感到被自我和他们自己的扭曲所困扰。他指出,大多数人认为,外部来源正在侵害他们,并使他们接近他们,以消极的问候语或有针对性的攻击。然而,事实并非如此。通过转向和审视内心,我们可以看到我们所有的问题都存在于哪里。


We have reached a point where the incoming cosmic energies are affecting our behavior and perceptions.Ka-El-Lil said that our current reactionary state makes us unaware of our higher selves and the returning Christ Consciousness.They are responsible for bringing up our insecurities,traumas,and personality facets,which we have suppressed and denied.Ka-El-Lil stated that now is the time to focus on these distortions because the longer we wait,the harder it will be to dig out of these states,especially as the energies pick up even more in 2020.


我们已经到达了一个点,在这个点上进入的宇宙能量正在影响我们的行为和感知。卡 - 埃尔 - 利尔说,我们目前的反常状态使我们不能连接我们的高我和基督意识的回归。他们要对我们的不安全感、创伤和人格层面负责,而这些正是我们所压抑和否认的。卡 - 埃尔 - 利尔说,现在是关注这些扭曲的时候了,因为我们等待的时间越长,就越难从这些状态中挖掘出来,特别是能量在 2020 年进一步增加的情况下。


As usual,the Anshar pointed out my distortions and reactionary behavior and are guiding me back into alignment with them and the vibratory state of their group consciousness.They expect more personal breakthroughs once I process the latest revelations about my unacknowledged distortions.Ka-El-Lil stated this would allow them to share the next layer of information on how humanity can transition to a 4th density consciousness less dramatically and painfully.


像往常一样,安沙尔指出我的扭曲和反常行为,并引导我回到与它们和他们集体意识的振动状态保持一致的状态。一旦我处理了关于我未被承认的扭曲的最新披露,他们期待更多的个人突破。卡 - 埃尔 - 利尔说,这将使他们能够分享下一层信息,关于人类如何能够以更少的戏剧性和痛苦的方式过渡到第四密度意识。


I will be sharing more from the Anshar in the coming weeks.




Thank you,




Corey Goode





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