The Grid on your Earth plane is being transformed in readiness for the time of the New Year. At this juncture when the Sun repositions itself a ‘Corridor of Light’ will be specifically engineered to anchor on your planet.




This pure force of God Light will strongly impact those of you who are consciously on the path. This happening is a shift for all Humanity because as you transform within the Corridor of Light you will hold the Truth of your own inner Light within your Heart. This birthing within you will bring significant change to all who exist within the planet.




You are naturally aligned to this God Light within the ‘Corridor’ simply because in Truth you carry an aspect of God Light within your Cells. As you consciously align you will become the essence of your God Light within your Heart.




The Corridor’s purpose is to anchor and hold steady this God Light within the energetic Grid of Earth. A New fluid framework within the Grid is designed to build the anchor for the Corridor of Light. This will enable you to be able to begin to draw and fully utilize the aspects of your God Light activated within your Heart.




You have each been waiting for the dynamic happening. Individually each one of you will have a unique experience within the process of the ‘Corridor of Light’. Witness the drama being unearthed during this cycle and know that by aligning within your Heart Truth can be revealed.




We continue to witness you and hold you during your resurrection process.








通灵:Christine Day

翻译:Nick Chan




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