Dear Ones, when we say you are loved beyond measure, do you accept it or do you dismiss it? So many of you hold yourselves outside of the stream of love. You are deeply loved, in fact, you are a beloved aspect of Source energy, which is love. Accepting love is accepting yourself.




Be conscious of how many times you say no to love out of habit. When love presents itself to you, commit to acknowledging it, allowing it, and truly feeling it. The more you can allow the love that exists for you to flow to you, and through you, the more you will experience the support and abundance that has always been there for you because you will no longer be holding yourself separate from Source.




Why not be a love detector from here on? Why not set an intention to notice and embrace the many ways love can show up for you from a universe that adores you? Why not finally choose inclusion and join the flow of love that has been beckoning to you all along? ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young




翻译:Nick Chan



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