It is fitting that this year of review and transformation has ended with many of you spending time with family, for there is no other group that can bring up any old issues and conditioning that may still need attention as well as they can. Now that you’ve had a chance to get back into your own energy and catch your breath, what did the holidays clarify for you? What did you do very well? What would you like to improve? What new intentions can you create moving forward? How can you approach old patterns in new ways?




The busyness of the holidays can also make you aware of how you may neglect yourself, over give, or take on too much resulting in you losing your balance. How can you adjust this moving forward? Are there other people who can assist you in your tasks? Can you incorporate more being than doing into your holiday traditions? The holidays are such an ideal time to explore these areas because they truly magnify any area that is asking to be brought to the light for transformation.




You may even wish to write down what your discoveries are as a reminder to yourself to be read next year. Place it right on top of your decorations to be found and read first thing next year when you open the box. You might consider it a new year’s resolution for next year’s Christmas or a love letter of support for your future holiday self.




There are many things you will, with your wisdom and attainment, approach in new, more empowered ways over the coming years. You are continually evolving in the most delightful ways, and these simple changes will create much more positive experiences. The trick is in choosing to create them when you are in a calmer, more connected space when it is easiest to be in touch with your inner wisdom and then finding a way to remind yourself of that wisdom when you need it the most. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young




翻译:Nick Chan



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