Beloved Ones,




I come on the wings of love! The times that are upon you have been prophesied for many centuries, however, the truth of it is that the Earth is transitioning into a higher octave of expression and so, many changes are taking place upon and within her, both known and unknown to you. This will continue and cannot be halted, but this process can be enormously supported by the love of your hearts being sent out to the Earth each day. As we have said many times before, Love IS the greatest force of all—let it now prevail.




As you co-create your new reality, look upon those who are in your immediate vicinity with the greatest of love and compassion. Each is going through great internal changes whether these are visible to you or not, rest assured, much change and transformation is taking place within them and because of your willingness to be the forerunners of this transformation that is taking place, their path is much easier than the ones you have walked. It was your great contribution to the ascension times, so that your sisters and brothers might be better able to withstand the pressure of the need to transform quickly at this time.




You have been and are holding the Light of God that never fails within you and it is now radiating out into your world in greater concentric circles than ever before. Your Light is succeeding in dissolving barriers in every area of life and bringing in grace where there was none before. Truly, this is a most miraculous time to be incarnate upon the planet, for the gamut of experience from one spectrum to another is rich with possibility. All is becoming known now, as humankind suddenly will just “know” truths that were hidden before and they will see through the illusions that they have been laboring under for most of their lifetimes just fall away and as this happens, change will happen with grace.




Love one another with the highest of respect and honor, for you have all chosen to be here to initiate great changes and this is becoming evident. One only has to listen to the news media with the right discernment to see that people can no longer be fooled into blind belief about any situation. What is being said is being questioned almost immediately and even the reporters are immediately asking questions that they would never have dared to ask before. It is all good and this is how peaceful change occurs. Those who ruled by making choices and decisions for the masses behind closed doors are finding it increasingly difficult to continue this practice, for all is being questioned and exposed to the Light for everyone’s contemplation.




Even those who have been mired in the drudgery of their nine to five jobs each day are taking time from this essential task to think about the events that are happening all over their world and are making choices to go a different route. It is all about the mind and perception and these are changing at record levels and this is how the awakening we have talked about for so long is occurring. As more people do this, awareness grows in the overall field of consciousness and life and how it is lived, is changing from moment to moment.




You will see an explosion of new technology breaking forth in the coming days as new solutions to old dilemmas are given contemplation from a perspective that was previously blocked and not available. You will be amazed by what comes forth to bring greater ease in your daily lives. These new wonders are coming forth at the same time as the old structures and ways of doing business are collapsing and being reformed into a better system. Expansion comes after seeming contraction, for when something falls away it is quickly replaced with something better. This is a universal law and it is now in effect upon your planet and within yourselves. Be observant and discerning, Beloved Ones, and keep on keeping on!




I AM Melchizedek




通灵:Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu’tama

翻译:Nick Chan

















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