Dear beloved friends




I Love You! I walk with you always.




I walk side by side with you and I feel you always.




When you walk through a blizzard in your life I am there even more even if you doubt it.




In fact, no matter what creates your blizzard,your personal turmoil, you can be sure of one thing, I am there with you. I am always reaching out for you, and if you want to I will hold your hand!




Your work is so precious, every little thing you do is something me and my team takes notice of. Feel our gratitude, in your heart! You are lightworkers, and you are also, at the same time, angels walking on Earth.




Sometimes you forget, that me and my team is ALWAYS by your side. The light is old wisdom, that comes from the very source of love and is something your DNA is awakening to, as I speak. The LIGHT, the eternal knowledge, the knowing of Faith, Hope and Love, is the basic knowledge, about LIFE.




Life itself is created with these essenses and more. You shine your light wherever you go, you don´t even need to speak!





Your heart and your love therein, is the most important energy of all. Pleace listen to your hearts voice, what your heart is telling you. Learn to follow your heart, have faith in your heart. Your heart has an intelligence of its own!




I am Sananda and I love you!




萨南达 20171227 保持你的光高涨,高举你的爱


翻译:Nick Chan


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