Many of you are experiencing a space of not knowing. Not knowing what is next for you, which direction to go in, or even who you are or what brings you joy. While we understand this can be disconcerting, this is actually a very good thing and proof positive of the work you have done.




You know you have been releasing and integrating, and for many of you this has created a sensation of spaciousness within you. This is because you are no longer holding old belief systems, expired soul contracts, or the energy of old wounds. These have held much density and in many ways have been how you have identified yourselves. So much of your old lives have been stripped away, and this will serve you well moving forward.




The reason why we say this is because you have lost all your old identifiers you will now be able to move forward without any attachment to outcome. When you know nothing you become naturally curious, open to see what is next without any constraints or preconceived notions. It is from that place that you start to navigate one now moment at a time, based on what matches the new you. It becomes easier to embrace surrender and flow and to see where the unfoldment takes you. It allows you to receive higher outcomes than you ever could have experienced before due to the conditioned restraints of who you thought you were and how you thought things should be.




This spaciousness is due to the fact that you are embodying more of your soul, and it is from state of beingness you will create like never before. You will allow the full potential of the energies and explore and make new discoveries with far greater ease because you allowing your true essence to take the lead. And it is stepping into 2020 without those preconceived notions that will make it such a monumental change for all of you, because you will finally be fully embracing the idea of pioneering and exploring what is possible as you go. And that, Dear Ones, is exactly what is behind the shift of consciousness you are all so lovingly participating in and what all of your hard work has been preparing you for. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young




翻译:Nick Chan





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