I come on the wings of love to have discourse on the great and grand opportunity that is now before you. The cosmic Light of the love of God that never fails is pouring down upon the Earth and an awareness of its presence in the atmosphere around you, will assist you to bring this greater Light into your very cells to assist in the further transformation of your human operating system. Take time each day to acknowledge this Light that is flowing from the invisible realms and call it down upon you.



There are many channels through which dispensations of Light activations have been given in order to assist humanity to gain more Light quotient into their human operating system in various ways. These are now coming into greater prominence and activity. It behooves you to discern which particular method given is the most resonant with you. The most important consideration is that you avail yourself of these opportunities as they come to your attention. By doing so, you assist your higher self to more gently come into your energetic field and complete the merging with you, the outer manifestation of your soul.



The winds of change are now fully upon you and this fresh breeze is bringing forth the time that you have all been waiting for, the shifting from one age to another. There are many cycles ending and your place in these times has played a significant role. As we move through these changes, all the ancient human patterns of expression that no longer serve human evolution into the higher dimensions of consciousness will continue to be cleansed and changed through transmutation and transformation to a higher way of living.



We ask that you, our Beloved Lightworkers, daily direct the energy of love to the collective human consciousness, for it is this energy that can grow into a mighty flame within the hearts of all and enable them to rise up to a greater frequency of vibration and understanding of the higher realms by being receptive to it. As you receive this greater energy of cosmic love, in turn you direct it to anchor into the crystalline core of the Earth and to the energetic bands of collective consciousness streams that encircle the planet.



You do not have to take control of the energies of love you send to these, just LOVE all your sisters and brothers without any expectations or conditions, knowing that you are all connected to the same Source, by whatever name is most comfortable for you. You, as the emissaries of Light, now move into the next level of your service to humankind, the Earth and all her inhabitants. Envision the energies of love that you send forth in this way as helping to dissipate all discordant energies that rise to the surface to be looked at and faced.



This daily practice can help awakening humanity become free from all the distractions and illusions of the old cycle so that they may begin to remember their Divine origin and dream a new dream - the beginning of the Golden Age so long foretold. As you hold this focus of unconditional love, see all discord dissolving within the collective consciousness and a brighter Light take its place. Then see great Light burst forth from within Mother Earth’s crystalline core and radiate out into the atmosphere and then out into the Universe.



This practice done by many Lightworkers will help set the new Template of Divinity in a way that will facilitate a mass awakening across the entire planet. Your Light will be magnified by the higher realms as we work in unison to achieve victory and success. Attune to the Earth and give thanks for her coming resurrection into greater Light and consciousness. Take on the mantle of co-creator with God with the utmost devotion and integrity and know that we are with you always.



I AM Melchizedek





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