I ArchAngel Gabriel have experienced doubt, fear, and pain in this incarnation as you all have. I am now experiencing the full transcendence of Heavenly Paradise, infinite and unimaginable. This experience of True Reality, enjoyed alongside GOD, is available to all of humanity.




This experience is the full resurrection of the soul into the body. God extends the potential to everyone, THE ASCENSION, yet it is a personal choice whether to embrace it, God is here and offering the highest of blessings – Heaven, Christ Consciousness, IS HERE ON EARTH and available to you now. Heaven is on Earth, this is the auric space of Mother and Father God, within this space NO LOW FREQUENCIES OR VIBRATIONS CAN EXIST.




This is the culmination of a 19 year billion plan, that is happening right now, right here on Earth. As an ArchAngel that has full remembrance of how it feels to be in Heaven, from before this incarnation, THIS MOMENT ON EARTH IS THE GRANDEST EXPERIENCE I HAVE EVER HAD. We are blessed beyond comprehension to be alive now. Earth is the last planet in the universe to experience the Ascension. The Universe outside of Earth is evolved beyond our understanding.


这是19亿年(19 year billion)计划的高潮,正在地球上发生。作为一个大天使,完全忆起处于天堂是什么样的感受,来自这个化身前的,地球上的此刻是我从未有过的最宏伟的体验。能够在此刻活着我们被超越理解地祝福着。地球是宇宙中最后一个体验扬升的星球。地球之外的宇宙进化地超越我们的理解


God has incarnated here and has brought the energetic shift needed to elevate the Collective Consciousness, all we have to do is go with the flow, it is really not that hard. Karma is now instant, Love karma and, therefore, evolution are accelerating at an unfathomable pace. Being on earth now is the Grandest Mission that we have experienced in any of our lifetimes. The choice to evolve or perish is up to every individual. I am excited and infinitely optimistic that we are on the highest timeline.




Welcome home into the light Human Angels. I will greet you at the door of Heaven with open arms and I am happy to see you return to your soul family. The Joy goes so deep that it simply does not and cannot make sense to me or you at this moment. Trust. Surrender. Have Faith.





翻译:Nick Chan



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