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Questioner: My name is Ananth.My question isabout marriage,divorce.

Im married



Sadhguru: No, no, they are two differentthings (Laughter & Applause).



Questioner: marriagewhat I see today is many youngsters likemany of them they dont want to marry and few of them who marrythere are occasions where they are getting divorced;so would youlike to throw some light on this situation Sadhguru?



Sadhguru: See, you need to understand theinstitution of marriage.it’s about bringing a certain sanctity to the simplebasic needs that every human being has.there are physical needs,there arepsychological needs,there are economic needs,emotional needs,social needs,varietyof needs.To fulfill all these things we set up an institution called marriage.whereall these can be conducted in a sensible manner,otherwise if we did it on thestreets like every other creature,it would turn ugly for us.And we will feelnot good about it.So,to bring some sense of organization,some aesthetic,somestability,because man and woman coming together naturally brought fresh life.



It is...compared to any other creature,it isthe most helpless life which needs maximum amount of support.Youcould leave a puppy on the street;as long as he gets food, he grows up into agood dog,no problem.But not so with a human being;he doesn’t need just physicalsupport,he needs variety of support and above all the stable situation.Whetherthere should be marriage in society or not one will debate when they areeighteen.because physical body is asking for freedom,all right.At that timeeverybody questions –is marriage really needed,why can’t we just live whicheverway we want?

这是... 相对于与其他生物,这是最无助的生命,这需要最大程度的支持。你可以把一只小狗扔在大街上,只要它得到食物,它就会长成一条好狗。这没问题,但是人类却不一样,他不仅需要物质上的支持,还需要各种各样的支持,最需要的是稳定的状态。不管这个社会是否需要婚姻,当他们十八岁的时候就都会辩论,因为物质身体在呼唤自由。好吧,那时每个人都会问,婚姻是否真的需要,为什么我们不能随心所欲地生活?


But when you are three years of age youvalued marriage immensely,a stable marriage immensely.Isn’t it so?Yes or no? againwhen you become forty-five, fifty you’re hundred percent for marriage betweenand eighteen and thirty-five you’re questioning the whole process (Laughter& Applause),okay?Because where the physical body isdominant,at that time if you give in to that then it will question everyinstitution.this is hormone fired freedom okay (Laughter).Your intelligence hasbeen hijacked by hormones,so you question the fundamentals of everything.I’m not saying marriage is the thing,but doyou have a better alternative?If you have a better alternative, damn themarriage,but you have not come up with a better alternative,because a stablesituation is a must for a child.Once you have a child it’s a twenty yearproject (Laughter)Your whims and fancies will change,your emotions will change;ifthat is what it is, don’t get into such situations.It’s not compulsory foreverybody to get married,it’s good young.you were saying people are thinkingwhether to get married.I’m glad it is not necessary for everybody,but if youget into it and if you especially if you get into children you must understand,it’sa minimum twenty year project whether you like it or you don’t like it.Otherwiseyou shouldn’t get into those projects,you don’t walk into a project, drop ithalf way and walk away, isn’t it?



Juhi Chawla: Yes.

Juhi Chawla是的


It’s your choice but at least chooseconsciously.You don’t have to get married because everybody is getting married,youdon’t have to talk about marriage and divorce in same breath as if they cometogether (Laughter).This is a completely an American idea,you’re thinking ofmarriage and divorce together nobody thought of divorce in this country tillrecently, isn’t it?So, if it happens,if somethinghappens something truly went wrong between two people and they have to separatethat will any way inevitably happen.You don’t have to plan it at the time ofwedding (Laughter).why should you ever talk about marriage and divorce in onebreath?It's a crime.










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