原创 2017-12-31 仙女星系人 新纪元扬升之光

The Andromedans via Galaxygirl,December 25th, 2017




Greetings, friends! We are the Andromedans, your next door neighbors, and we send you holiday best wishes of joy, happiness and prosperity today on this blessed day within your varied holiday season. We have our own holidays, of course, but we are observing your earthly traditions with much interest and intrigue. Your foods are so fragrant and tasty and quite exotic to us. The lights, fragrances of baking and laughter with friends are ringing all over Earth like happy tinkling bells today and the vibration is nice and high, which is also an added bonus, as you say.

Our message is one of love and support for you, Humanity. You’re are not alone- nor have you ever been – and it is time for you to now know this and accept this. There is much to see and do in other star systems. There is much to learn from each other; customs, technology, food, and so forth. There is much joy and excitement for the reuniting of soul groups that we greatly look forward to, for there will be much to celebrate in your Collective and planetary ascension!






We send love to you each individually now; can you feel your crown and your spine tingle with the energies that we are transmitting now and any time you will read this? Be in joy. There is no more time or room for fear. Fear is so last year, as you may say. It is true! With these new energies of glorious light encodements, it will shake out and blast away the old thought forms of previous lower energy vibrations. Joy, light, love, laughter – these are most excellent choices in energy signature and it will make you shine ever more brightly in your exchange appointments and in your interactions with each other as well, of course.

Can you feel another energy hug from us now? Truly, we Andromedans are here to nurture, to help, to assist, to guide and of course to learn from you and your cultural variances and traditions. Your earth is such a unique planet of various customs because of all of the deliberate separations that you have all experienced over time – it is quite a unique scenario. Most cultures live side by side with the planetary hollow and we naturally have more interactions and information exchanges and experiences together. Your baking for the holidays intrigues us – such a process! Will you miss it when the replicators come? Likely not, because we may we asking many of you for lessons to teach us!


我们现在把爱送给你们每一个人;我们正在随时传递能量,你能感觉到你的顶轮和你的脊椎的刺痛感吗?处在喜悦中,恐惧就没有多余的时间和空间。正如你所说的,恐惧已是陈年旧事。这是事实!这些辉煌的光编码的新能量,将会撼动和摧毁以前较低能量振动的旧思想模式。喜悦,光,爱,欢笑 – 这些是能量信号中最好的选择,当然在你们的交流约会和你们之间的互动中,这会让你更加明亮。




Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy (future) Ramadan and Happy Kwanzaa. Happiness to Humanity today and all days. We send you our light and love now and we are in joy now, in this moment of connection with Humanity, our friends and family in many cases.

Be at peace. Be comforted. All is well and proceeding. We love you! We are the Andromedans. We hope to see you all shortly.












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