Greetings My Beloved Masters of the Universe, the channeling that you are about to read comes to us from El Morya.


问候,我亲爱的大师们,你将要阅读的信息来自El Morya.


What we are trying to say to you dearly beloveds, is that the times ahead are prone to bring all of you to heights unimaginable prior to the opening of said magnanimous portals, to the biggest event in the history of your planet.




The biggest event that is about to take place on your shores, for in the coming days, and weeks much shall begin to transcend, change, transform, transition, transmute, release and leave your planetary system’s energetic blueprints, or what is known in your world as the “aura of your planet”.




For the energy that is about to arrive, that has indeed been slowly tapering into your consciousness is about to take its full and righteous place in your ethers and be brought through and grounded into your planet.




The energy of Christ consciousness, the triangular degree of consciousness, the energy of peace, harmony, love, understanding, bliss, benevolence, light and love shall indeed bathe each and every one of you, each and every one presently occupying the time and space continuum on the energetic grid system, known as your earth, and speed up the ascension process, allowing many who have not been able to express their inner knowing and their true calling to step forward and release the information that is so very important for all of humanity.




The information that we speak of is of course the workings of the universe, the truth of your origins, the truth of all that has been and all that is, and the truth of that which is yet to come.




For in order for massive shifts to occur on your planet, those who currently are seen as “regulators, head figures and leaders” if you will, in your world, must release certain information that most on your planet are not yet aware of.




This Third Eye & Pineal 3-6-9 Disc has been created to assist you in activating your Third Eye & Pineal. When we activate the third eye, we can create or, more precisely, change our world and life into a whole new form. The third eye, which is considered the gateway to our soul, is also sometimes referred to as the “angel.” Its discovery and activation mean that we are also beginning to see other, invisible worlds clearly. When we activate the third eye, we get the ability to perceive cosmic consciousness. This cosmic consciousness is a source of knowledge and wisdom that cannot be obtained by material means. According to popular belief, if the third eye is activated, we have the capacity for telepathy, we can see souls and spirits or even receive prophetic insights and visions from higher dimensions.