I come on the wings of love! We counsel you who are reading this to daily go within to connect with your Divine Essence. It is here you may find guidance, solace, healing and whatever else you need to help you traverse the daily happenings in your life. This is the most important connection that one can make on a daily basis. Those who ask for guidance and protection receive it. Know this and be at peace. You are not alone.




Your world will continue to change and transform. It has been written in the sands of time that this would be so and it is happening now. You are here to fully experience these times while in a human body. You are also here to use your unfolding spiritual gifts to help and assist others and these gifts are greatly needed now. Know that your Light helps many people find their way to their own Light within. You bring calm and comfort just by their proximity to your presence. This is a part of your gift to the world.




In all things during these times, remember that love is the bottom line. Miracles take place when love is present within all hearts, for it softens and opens the avenues of true communication. Love can erase long standing issues when it is humbly expressed. It magically makes all things seem better. That is why we say that love is the greatest force in the universe!




Love embraces many sacred qualities that a fully realized human needs to embody in order to rise into higher consciousness. As these sacred qualities are expressed in one’s daily life, one learns that they are empowered and enriched each time each quality is manifested in the world through them. This is the way to mastery over the human experience and it brings joy, happiness, peace and harmony within to the individual who employs these qualities.




The way forward for all upon the planet is to value and place love as the bottom line in all situations that need healing and resolution, for there is much that is coming to the surface that requires healing. It is love that is the answer to everything. This powerful primal force is now permeating the very atmosphere on Earth and these times are a great opportunity that is given to all people on the planet to move forward on their spiritual journey through the healing of present and ancient wounds from the past. This force of love requires one’s awareness and conscious resolve to embrace through their heart.




Always and ever, you are loved!




I AM Mother Mary.




通灵:Marlene Swetlishoff

翻译:Nick Chan





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