I come on the wings of love! There is much that is changing in the world around you and you are seeing this daily. The blessed Earth is moving and shaking off the dark and stagnant energies that have hindered her inhabitants from realizing their higher potential. Inasmuch as it is a testing time for many in the world’s population, it is also a time for many wondrous miracles to be experienced and felt. A loving heart will discern this truth.




On the wings of love, the angels hasten to the side of those whose hearts call out for their assistance and intervention and many a potential tragedy has been averted from occurring. The angelic realms serve the Source of Radiant Essence, and one can be assured of their continuing presence and support, for they follow the will of the Divine in all things. Unlike humanity, who has been given the gift of free will choice, the angels are Divine Emissaries of the Light and love of the Divine. Their service is done for the glory of God, the Creator of All.


驾着爱的翅膀,天使加速赶到呼唤他们协助和介入的人身边,许多潜在的悲剧被避免。天使领域服务发光本质的源头,一个人可以因他们连续不断的存在与支持放心,因为他们在一切之中跟随神的意志。不像人类,被给予了自由意志 / 选择的礼物,天使是神圣爱与光的神圣使者。他们的服务为了神的荣耀而做,一切的造物主


Many angelic beings surround each person upon the planet during these times, helping each individual to find their strength and connection to their own higher source of wisdom, healing and protection. Many individuals can readily attest to the guidance they have received that kept them out of harm’s way and they have much gratitude in their hearts for this Divine intervention and that they heeded the internal guidance given and thereby they and their loved ones stayed safe.




Many individuals have reconnected to the Divine during the turbulent times they are experiencing. They are reconnecting with the faith they felt as children in their belief that there was a higher power overlighting their Earthly existence. Their hearts have opened once again to the simple truths of the spirit – that each individual holds the innate goodness and kindness of the angels within their own hearts and souls. We praise the resilience and hope of the human spirit!


许多人在他们体验到的动荡时期与神重新建立了连接。他们与孩童时期感到的信念重新连接(有着一个更高的力量在照亮他们的地球存在)。他们的心再次向简单的精神真理敞开 --- 每个人在他们的心和灵魂中持有着天使的良善与仁慈。我们赞颂人类精神的弹性和希望


As the Earth changes continue, humanity is uniting with each other in love, compassion and true sister/brotherhood and leaving behind forever the fear and disbelief that hindered their trust in their fellow humans. This breakthrough fosters the feelings of oneness and unity with each other and within their community. Love becomes the currency of exchange between people and this in turn, lifts everyone’s spirits as they express their great capacity to love, care for and accept each other. And so, that which seems and is felt as disastrous in its consequences is bringing out the best within human hearts.




I AM Mother Mary.




通灵:Marlene Swetlishoff

翻译:Nick Chan




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