When you commit to living your truth, all falseness within yourself will be revealed to you.




When you commit to continuing to live a lie, the truth within you will call you, like a siren, and that dull pain within you will begin to really ache.




You can't deny it. You can't deny your SELF. Not even here in this false illusion.




You came here to embody THE TRUTH and in finding your own, you achieve this objective.




Why would one choose to live a life that does not reflect who they are? What possible good would it do for you to continue to live as a stranger to yourself? How can you give this world the gifts you have been bestowed with by your soul when you shut your soul up and listen to the voice within you that lies to you?




You have come here to plant the seeds of Light, the Truth of the existence of humanity, on this planet Earth. After eons of living a lie, now let the Truth be known - that humans are beings of love, not war.


你是来播种光的种子的,人类存在的真理的。在恒久的谎言生活后,现在去让真理被知晓 --- 人类是爱的存在,不是战争


Live with this truth in your heart and live out each day with this leading you because it is your truth and in spreading your truth, you light the flame of truth within others.




You have been misled. For many many years, you have been misled. Imagine a world where nobody understands much at all of who they really are, yet everyone is seeking to know. We in the heavens hear your pain, we hear your confusion, we hear your exasperation. You seek false idols, you seek false gods, you look for yourself in all that lies without, but in fact you are within. That is the place to seek to know yourself - within yourself.


你一直在被误导。多年以来,你一直在被误导。想象一个世界,没人了解很多他们的真正所是,但每个人都在寻求知晓。天堂中的我们听到了你的痛苦,我们听到了你的困惑,我们听到了你的愤怒。你寻求虚假的偶像,你寻求虚假的神,你在所有的谎言中寻找自己,但事实上你位于内在。那是去知晓你自己的地方 --- 你之内


Quietude and peace and the means to understand more of what you seek. Not loud, not raucious, not brazen, not riotous, these are all distractions. The stress you feel daily is your heart telling you you are being led away from it. The angst you feel at living your life, the fear, the anxiousness are all telling you you're looking in the wrong place for yourself.




You want to know your Self by default. It is simply the reason for being - to understand oneself. And your people are doing it wrong. You have been given false goals and given false roles, and you play them with pride but deep inside, your heart aches.


在默认的情况下你想要了解自己。这是存在的基本原因 --- 去了解自己。你们都做错了。你被给予了虚假的神,虚假的角色,你自豪地玩耍着它们,但内心深处,你的心痛苦


We hear you children, we hear you. We tell you now, let go of what you fear, let go of what stresses you, let go of your angst, and embrace the message of your heart. Be still and know your Self. The way is within, not without.




In knowing one's Self, you learn to know God.




I am Athena. I loved your planet once and now I have returned.




通灵:Sharon Stewart

翻译:Nick Chan





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