[A sannyasin says: During the last camp it was really intense, there was a tremendous power opening my chest but it’s still stuck there.


Osho checks his energy.]








Good! A beautiful space is coming up. You need not do anything about it; if you do anything it will be a disturbance. Simply allow it. Whenever you feel it is coming, sit silently and let it come. Just stand aside, with no interference in the energy. The energy is going to do everything on its own.




Don’t come in between the energy and yourself: just remain aside, a spectator at the most. It will take possession of you and it will do great things. It will help to cleanse and purify, it will rejuvenate you, it will create a new being in you.




And great energy is coming; it will be overwhelming. So don’t disturb it at all. Just go with it, swim in it, and wherever it takes you is good. I will take care – you need not worry....




译自:OSHO Believing the Impossible Before Breakfast



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