Dear Ones, if something that once felt good starts to feel uncomfortable, it is a sure sign change is coming. This is a good thing! If you always felt comfortable you would never change, and your soul is always wishing to grow and expand. The discomfort makes it much easier for you to embrace the change once it appears. You might consider it a phase of preparation.




If you are vacating a space of service, this is also wonderful, for it makes space for the new phase of souls who are awakening and ready to step into their service. And you, too, will move forward into serving in new ways that match who you have evolved into, and will bring you joy.




This is all part of the natural dance of evolution – the seeds of new ideas and offerings, the phase of satisfying service, and then the readying to move on yet again. There will always be someone ready, willing, and excited to fill any void you have left, and ways for you to express yourself anew in your beingness and next highest way of being of service when the time is right. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young




翻译:Nick Chan



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