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So many of you have had a challenging year and hope that the new year will bring something better. We love that you are thinking of growth, improvement, expansion, and experience! We encourage you to get clear about what you would like to create.




Many of you, after difficult times, will approach the future with trepidation. You hope things will improve, but your only real clarity is that you want it to be better than before. So we ask you, better how? What would you like to experience? What would you like more of? What is the essence of your preference?




Wishing and hoping for better is wonderful, but choosing to set an intention is a far more powerful act of co-creation and stepping into your sovereignty. Do you see? Hoping still holds the energy of feeling somewhat powerless and unsure, while choosing is an empowered act of declaration.




Let us give it to you this way. You could get in your car and drive aimlessly hoping for improvement, and you might find it. Or with your wisdom you could set your gps and choose a destination that holds what you prefer. Both are fine. It is simply the difference between unconscious and conscious creation, and whether or not you decide to fully utilize the supports that are available to you.




So as you look forward to playing in the fresh energy of a new year, choose the essence of what you would like and surrender into the experience of it, and allow yourself to be led to that and so much more. That is embracing your authentic power and choosing the co-creation you are all fully capable of. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young




翻译:Nick Chan



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