Beloved one,




Self-confidence is acquired by getting closer and closer to your eternal and true self. Every session in the divine light, every healing by the grace of God has this one goal: to bring you closer to your self until you are complete.




Much remains on this earth as it is, only because individual people do not come into their own strength and power.




Self-contemplation is the key to ascension and to entering a new world unimaginable for you.




So you can never do too little healing and clearing work. It is never enough, unless you have entered the ground of truth and seen the face of God.




In this message I encourage and encourage you to keep up with your outstanding issues. I reaffirm every decision that has to do with your finding the truth, and I hold my protective mantle of light over every step you take.




Never give up until you have reached your goal. Anchor the perseverance within yourself and you will celebrate great success.




Every healing needs a firm decision and the sincere will to become possible. People who only say YES to healings with their lips, but close themselves inwardly for it, will not participate in the Kingdom of God – and the Kingdom of God is near, very near. Such people are the source of change!


每个疗愈需要一个坚定的决心和真诚的意愿才能成为可能。只用嘴对疗愈说 yes ,但内心对它关闭的人,不会参与到神的王国中 --- 神的王国近了,非常近。这样的人是改变源头


It is built by thousands of people every day, people for whom their complete recovery is a real concern, people who walk through the valley of tears, who stand up when they fall, and who remain confident in dark moments.




These are the people who are the source of planetary change-and there are a gratifyingly large number of such people on earth.




Join this dynamic and become one of those who are willing to overcome any hurdle to reach the Self and enter the Kingdom of Heaven.




True masters master this time not by submitting to it, but by building a timeless natural vibration of love and light – and to achieve this requires self-love.




Love that carries you along the path through your healings, love that shows you the meaning of these processes and love that reminds you of your divine self until it is visible in everyday life and perceptible for your fellow human beings.




A journey can tire a person, but whoever wants to reach the goal continues. All the more so for the spiritual journey!




Breaks are meant to strengthen you, so that you can gather new strength. In order to go further, you need rest and quiet. But avoid taking breaks until comfort prevails. Inactivity is a great transgression today, for great times offer great opportunities. Great goals can be achieved or missed.




So I invite you to give everything until you are complete and until you can completely get out of this game of time and passing with your consciousness.




Release your themes and dramas that chain you to this world like a lion to a tree. Each link of the chain represents a yet unredeemed theme.


释放你的主题和戏剧 --- 像把一头狮子绑在一棵树上那样将你困于这个世界。枷锁的每一条链子代表一个还未解决的主题


Be anxious to try everything to free yourself, be anxious to give everything – and everything will be given to you from heaven, because:


渴望去尝试一切来自由自己,渴望去付出一切 --- 天堂会给予你一切,因为:


Whoever puts everything on the scales before God of pure heart never goes away empty-handed, but is compensated by the Creator.




I am Acting MAHA CHOAN –You find me in you.


我是 MAHA CHOAN--- 你会自身之中找到我


通灵:Jahn J Kassl

翻译:Nick Chan



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