I am Judas and today it is Holidays in many parts of the world. In memory of a great birth, a birth of light and joy. A prophecy of the coming of light into your world, where your world and your Earth will again be in the service of light.




The energies are high now, dear Earthlings, they affect you in depth and turn upside down on your existence, your truths and who you think you are. A new knowledge is entering the world and the Earth is facing a new level of spirituality and love.




Look out over the world and try to see it with your most loving eyes. See, feel and experience it with all your senses. You not only see the beautiful colors of the flowers, but you also feel the harmony and love that surrounds them. Everywhere you look you can now see and feel the love flowing towards you. In everything, the spirit of God is floating if you allow yourself to see and receive it. The choice is yours, dear Earthlings, you can already choose today which way you should go. You can already tell the mind today what intentions you have. You can already serve today as a messenger for the light by shining with your own light. However, the choice can only come from you, no one but you can decide when the time is ripe. That is when you take those small steps towards the light, led by an inner voice that you now understand is true and wise. You have now handed over the keys to your heart and now go without resistance and fear on your way to the light. The few things you now have to learn, you do with ease and readiness. You have your goal in sight and nothing can now interfere with you because you know where you want to go, and you understand that you are doing it for both yours and your sisters and brothers.




Everything you do for yourself you do for someone else. We have said this before but it cannot be emphasized enough. It is in your own work with yourself that you do the greatest benefit to the world and to humanity. You may not see it yourself, but it will have its waves and its consequences, depending on what it is that you are broadcasting. My advice is that you concentrate on love and forgiveness for yourself and others who are close to you. Then forgive any brother who is meeting you. Then bless and forgive the world in which you live. You, your brother and the world will change before your eyes. New miracles can then arise that come from nowhere. Of course, they exist there before but have not been discovered until now.


你为自己所做的一切也是在为别人做。我们之前就说过这一点,但它再强调也不为过。在对自己的工作中你做出对世界和人类最有益的事情。你可能看不到,但它会有自己的波浪和影响,取决于你在向外广播什么。我的建议是去专注于爱和宽恕 --- 对自己以及身边的人。然后宽恕任何与你见面的人。然后祝福和宽恕你所在的世界。你,你的兄弟姐妹和世界会在你眼前改变。新的奇迹就会凭空出现。当然,它们之前就存在于那里,但直到现在还未被发现


This is your transformation, dear Earthlings, you have already stepped into your own transformation. It is only your own thoughts that can set a bar on the wheel, because what is happening will happen, despite all the resistance it encounters.




通灵:Ann Dahlberg

翻译:Nick Chan




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