新纪元扬升之光 2018-07-12


Saint Germainvia Dancing Dolphin, July 11th, 2018




St. Germaine through Dancing Dolphin

Congratulations! It has begun*!”

Received Wed., July 11, 2018

圣日耳曼通过Dancing Dolphin “祝贺你们!它已经开始了!接收日期2018711


Let us say that on this day“it has begun” dear One. What would you do then? Would you jump up and down?Would you dance in the streets? Would you kiss your partner? Would you screamfrom the rooftops? Well, you’d better get going and do all those things, forindeed it has already begun, and earlier than this day!



It began in earnest on the day I told you it was released in May. (Note: on May 22, 2018 I received a personal message fromSt. Germaine that has not been published). That was the day,the late night right about midnight when I awoke you from your bed and askedyou to get up to take my first message to you. That was the day that Mother Godfully released her blessings upon all those living on Gaia. The funds, love andgratitude have been flowing in full force since then. It did have some ways togo to get to you and your friends. So now, it is almost mid-July and it hasfinally arrived at your doorstep. You only need to listen for the bell!



Do what you wish tocelebrate, but know that it IS here in full NOW. All the governments andcountries of the world have lined up and done what was necessary for thisbenevolence to occur. Many of your Leaders will have stepped down by the timethe public knows what has happened. Some were not in accord with the changesand were not serving the Light. So, they have been or will be removed. All hada choice. Some did not choose the Light, but that number is minuscule comparedto those who embraced the Light, like you and your Lightworker friends.




All is one and those whodid not choose to embrace the light this time around will have a chance togrow, mature and make better decisions in the future. Unless of course they refuse–andthat is another matter all together. But let’s not think about that now.



Everyone has a choice ofwhere they take their lives and where they will choose to end up. What turn totake, left or right or straight down the middle. Every single choice anddecision leads each Soul on their own individual journey. Sometimes side-stepsare taken and corrected and other times those side-steps were needed to learn anugget of wisdom. No action is seen as incorrect, it was just what was neededat the time. Every single step all human Souls have taken in their lives hasbrought them forward to this time. Each and every Soul on Gaia at this timemade the conscious choice to be here to experience this Grand Awakening. Andwhat a privilege it is!!



All the lives and journeysand collaborations that were taken and created to get here is staggering. But,all done in Service for the Highest Good of All. It has been a magnificentpleasure to be part of this tremendous experiment of Light. And I am honored tohave experienced it with you all, my Lightworker Family! Together, we haveworked side by side with our families; Inner & Hollow Earth, the Galactics,the Company of Heaven, Gaia and all her Kingdoms, and of course, Mother &Father God.




The in-breath has been occurring for millennia and now, finally,the out-breath may begin! For we have all taken a much anticipated step forwardinto a New Era. In my last message,I asked you all to “Step Forth” to claim your Birthright and your Sovereigntyand you did!! You all marched right into the New Earth and claimed it as yourown! Brave and hearty Souls all!



I am here tonight toCongratulate you all once again and to wish you peace, prosperity and wisdom.Be at peace for your Birthright has been secured. You have claimed it and it isyours. The tiniest of details is the only reason you wait at this late hour. Beat peace. We feel your love and gratitude and wish you all well on this lovelysummer evening. I am your St. Germaine and love all of you! We will celebratetogether soon! Namaste.



*NOTE: For those who are unfamiliar, St. Germaine isreferring to the “RV/GCR” (Global Currency Revaluation) which will triggerNESARA/GESARA and our ASCENSION to the New Earth.