When life happens to feel overwhelming to you, step in with Me and let’s give life a good hug. Is this a new thought? What cost does this carry? None? Imperceptible? Why even think about cost?



When anyone or anything seems to tread heavily on you, this is just when and where you can come in and disarm the heaviness that seems about to hang in your heart. Never do I wish your heart or any heart to feel put upon.


When a friend doesn’t quite seem like your buddy anymore, put your arm around your friend. Make this gesture in your mind and heart. From the depth of your heart, think of a simple word or deed with which to bless your friend, even in silence. Do it. Go ahead and desire to give a lift to someone near or far who can use a little upliftment - even from out of nowhere. Sure, you are offering something as a free-will offering genially to your friend simply from the goodness of your heart. This pleases Me greatly, for, yes, you to strew good-heartedness around on My behalf. It is My request that you send My regards to all you meet as you go about on your daily path in life.


It’s a good bet that you are not the only one today who will welcome an elevating gesture. Why not uplift someone else’s or anyone’s entry into life on any day of the week?


It is clear to Me that on any day, if you knew the backstory of another’s life, your heart would grow humbly in compassion, and you would be richer as well as the hearts near and far. Accept an opportunity to change someone’s day around, make yourself a little less central, and venture Heaven forward for even just a moment.


As an old song goes, no one knows what a difference a little change can make. Be ripe to contribute to the softening and highlighting of the world. Dissolve the hardening of hearts that seem to get strewn around for the sake of whatever disabling loneliness you do not fully begin to understand.


If you have the privilege of ringing a bell even a little bit to make someone’s step in life a little lighter, even if once in a lifetime, what a glorious contribution! It doesn’t require a gigantic hero to spread sunshine to another heart here and there for a few quiet moments. Life never was meant to be heartless. Whose heart cannot swell at an offering of a few minutes of sunshine? When you brighten another’s life, no matter how briefly, then your heart too, is brightened as well.


Beloved, stand in for Me. As My stand-in, you act on My behalf. It is on My behalf that you build harbors of joy for all while you are on your way to adventure. Come closer to happiness and inspire others to put a new bounce into their step, just a little at a time. A little at a time is good. Great blessings to all those who bless, for you bless in My Name.


In any case, you know I thank you and thank you with all My heart. What you give will be put to great use. Life signals that at any time you bless the world – it is a good time for you to uplift the world to an occasion of greater friendliness. Wow, what a great gift you endow for the benefit of all. God bless you for your commitment to shining the world.







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