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If that becomes a social norm, then how doyou decide somebody has... whatever, multiple wives?And how do you decidesomebody has no wife?You're opening up your memory body...This will cause awhole lot of turmoil within the system.



Questioner: Sadhguru, my next question foryou is- why can't one husband be with multiple women,and one woman or a wifecan't be with multiple husband in today's society among consenting adults?Andwhat impact do these people have when they involve in such relationships?



Sadhguru: See... Body is the front end forevery other creature on this planet.The only reason this creature is dominatingthis planet is not because we have the best body!You are not comparable to anelephant, or a tiger, or anything for that matter.You're not even as good as abuffalo. (Laughter) Yes. In terms of strength and physical prowess, you arenowhere comparable.This is dominant because of its intelligence, this isdominant because of its consciousness.But right now, we are creating a worldwhere your biology is the front end of your life.



These things were done at a certain timewhen the social situations were such.Or men were married to many more...- Imean more than one woman.This was mainly because men died more often thanwomen.Today, both man and woman are outside both may get killed, that'sdifferent.But at that time, largely women stayed home because she wascontinuously pregnant.From the age to fourteen to forty-five, fifty, she isalmost all the time- either she is pregnant or she has a young child.This ishow life used to be.



So because of that, she stayed home and shetook care of the property and the agriculture and stuff.Man went out to dobusiness, or for war, or something else, he went out.So men always died moreoften.So generally in most societies in the past, the number of men was muchless than the number of women.Always.This has been the state all across theworld.So naturally when so many women were there, they needed care and theyneeded support in the society.And those days, a woman could not exist byherself-unless she is protected by a male partner-it would be very difficultfor her to exist by herself,because she would be exploited in so many differentways.So always they attach themselves.So naturally a man ended up having two,three women because the population ratio was like that.But now largely it'sleveled out.



If that becomes a social norm, then how doyou decide somebody has... whatever, multiple wives?And how do you decide somebodyhas no wife?This will become a social... you know, collision it will become!Itwill become lot of problems in the society, because we may act civilized...-I'm very particular, I'm very clear about saying- we act civilized.But when weare denied basic things that we need,all our civilization evaporates and wewill behave like animals.Yes or no?



Audience: Yes!



Sadhguru: So, when fundamentals are denied,people will go (Gesture) clashing.So that's not going to work in today's world.Andabove all, the woman's condition will become very bad.If you're asking thisquestion in a more existential way...Well...See...This is a certain framework,not just of bone and muscle and flesh,there is a certain energy framework.Onlybecause of that it takes on a certain form.



See, if you eat mangoes everyday and let'ssay a cow eats mangoes everyday,at some point will you or the cow get confusedwhether you are a cow or a human being?Or will the cow get confused?Such athing never happens because there is clear-cut inner framework, to which fleshand blood is added.But there is a framework, an evolutionary memory frameworkis there, it never gets broken isn't it?So in this framework, how strong youkeep this framework,how much integrity is there to this energy framework willdetermine many things about your life,many aspects of your life. Especially ifyou want to raise this life to another level of function, it's very importantyou maintain this integrity.This is why, irrespective of which religion, whichspiritual process,if people want to raise them till to a certain point,firstthing they will talk about is becoming Monks, or Brahmacharis, or Sanyasis,becausethe idea is to create such a level of integrity that this is a whole life byitself,that it doesn't lean on anything else for support.Either for physicalwell-being or emotional well-being or psychological companionship,it doesn'tlean on anything, it stands by itself because you want to take it somewhereelse.If you want normal function, these things are not necessary.Now you wantto become a rocket which breaks through a certain dimension of space.Now youneed to be in a different level of force and integrity, otherwise it'll crackup.So you don't want to open your body to anything,and especially opening tomultiple partners has its own negativity in that context.How much pain and...you look at Draupadi's life.How much volatility, how much pain, how muchsuffering she went through in her life.And how much pain and suffering shecaused because of her anger and jealousy and whatever else.So, these thingshappen for variety of reasons you can't blame everything on that one aspect.Butthat aspect also has a say in these aspects because you're opening up yourmemory body,your energetic body, which is essentially ruled by memory, tovariety of memories.This will cause a whole lot of turmoil within the systemwhich could affect that life and many other lives.So Draupadi's life is in away a sample for that.It's not an absolute.This is not an absolute but this hasan influence.

看,如果你每天都会吃芒果,而一头牛也每天吃芒果。到某个时候,你或者是牛,会对谁是人谁是牛感到疑惑吗?或者那头牛会感到疑惑吗?这样的事情从不发生,因为内在有个明确的架构,在其之上来生成血肉,这里有一个架构,一个进化上的记忆架构,从来都不会被破坏,不是吗?所以在这架构之内,你有多牢固地去维持它,这个能量架构有多完整一致。会确定你生命的很多事情,你生命中很多面向。特别是如果你想将这个生命提升至另一运作层面,维持它的完整性是非常重要。这就是为何不管是哪种宗教、哪种灵性进程,如果人们想要提升至某一个点,他们首先会谈的就是成为僧侣。Bramacharis,或者 Sanyasis (出家人的种类)。因为我们的想法是创造这样一个以生命自身为完整的水平,它不用依靠任何其他东西作为支持,不论是身或情感的幸福,还是心理上的陪伴,它不用依靠任何东西而能自立。因为你想到别的运作层面,如果你想在正常的运作层面,这些东西就没有必要,但现在你想成为火箭并打破某个维度的空间,那么你便需要不一样的力量水平和完整性,否则它便会垮掉。因此你不想开放你的身体给任何东西,尤其是开放给多个伴侣有其自身的负面影响。你看看 Draupadi 的人生,她的一生经历了多少波动、起伏、痛苦,以及她的愤怒和嫉妒之类,造成了多么的苦楚,这些事情是由于多种原因而发生。你不能将一切都归咎于这单一方面,但那方面也有其影响,因为你在打开你的记忆身,能量体,你的能量体本质上是由记忆支配的,这会在系统里造成许多的混乱,并会影响自身生命和别人的生命,所以 Draupadi 的一生,在某种形式是一个借镜。这不是絶对的,这不是绝对的,但它会有影响。










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