Beloved, you desire Me and inner peace with all your might. Yet, again and again, you find yourself sheathed in tension, you, dear one, who calls out for peace. You would give anything for the peace of God. It doesn’t seem to matter how much you desire and defend peace. You cry out that you may have somehow chased the peace of Oneness away, yet how can it be that you could put your hand in Mine and alight on separateness? I bless your hand.


You may say to yourself often enough:


What on Earth is the matter with me? I desire the Peace of God, yet why do I not receive Your Peace? I seek You, God, and You alone. I want You, God. It's You I crave.”


If loneliness from You is something I bring on myself, what do I do to others? What rashes within others do I bring to the surface and not to myself alone?”


Beloved God, God of My Heart, I rush to You and call out to You, and then, what? Do I give up and give myself over to that which I do not want at all?”


God, is it possible that You leave me outside the Kingdom with the intention that I will find my way back?”


Oh, yes, God, I can hear You say that it can only be I, myself, who leaves me sitting outside the Kingdom. Or, would You say that I am truly within the Kingdom, and that I am blind and do not see?”


“‘God, open my eyes wide so that I can see. I beg You. I lie down before You, asking You to help me see, once and for all, the Glory that You give, and that yet, I still do not see.”


I know I am better off knowing about the Glory You give than not knowing about it. I am grateful to know Your Glory exists. I plead to You for You and for the peace you give, yet I seem not to keep You for later. How can this be? It cannot be. It cannot be, even as it seems to be real to me in the wilderness where I seem to cloak myself.”


Where do I belong if not with You? You gave me the Earth to multiply in, yet it seems to be my grief and sorrow that I multiply as I seek You and nothing but You, dear God, simply You.”


God, how can I be without You? I know better. I crave You, God, simply You. How can it be that I wear clothes for mourning when I may be walking in the Sunshine with You, God, happily, with You right by my side?”


Beloved God, an inch away from You is too far away. I am too long a-waiting. God, dear God, if I am truly alive with You in My Heart, how can it be I feel desolate and far away from You? I have promised myself You, and You have promised me You. Will You tell me that I, as much as everyone else, serve You? Give me You, God, and no less than You.


Yes, God, please beckon me to You, once and for all.”


Yes, Beloved, I enclose you in My arms of love. Hear Me whisper My Troth of Love to you. Hear Me. Hear Me whisper:


Beloved, come a little closer, Friend of My Heart, one step at a time, and you will know nothing but My Presence deep in your heart – Our One Heart where you and I reside on Earth as it is in Heaven. We are One Heart, and My Voice, deeper than hearing, is established deeply in your heart forever and forever. Here I AM, and here you are, Beloved.





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