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Kuan Yin:Your 3D FearsCannotGo with You!”

Ashtar On The RoadTeleconference





“I am Kuan Yin, and I greet you all as my mostBeloved Ones, my children in the Light, or Children of the Sun, if you will, myBrothers and Sisters, in Love! And I congratulate and honor all of youfor your Courage to stay the course in such formidable times!I say this becausethere have been so many challenges. You came here to be courageous. You came here to clear out the last of your fear-based programs. You haveexperienced traumatic dramas in your lifetimes, not only in this one, ofcourse. But it is that the fear-based expressions that you have beenexposed to, the programs which have controlled you and, most of all, your ownfeelings of being alone in the dark, have indeed been formidable in thislifetime!



And I am hereto tell you that these challenges are ending!!! Weare together in this particular Mission. And it is to literally cleanseand clear out whatever remaining fears you may have.They are the very deepestones.They are the most challenging ones for all of you, no matter what theyare. They have energy of a low vibrational kind and it can dampen some ofthe High Vibrations which are so available to you, now that all you have to dois require that they come in.



“And so itis to continue the course, to know that you are absolutely not alone and thatwhatever you might be afraid of is an illusionary creation that need not, infact, cannot stay within your beings as you move up into theHigher Dimensional Lifestyles. And you’re already there!



Where do youthink you are when you sleep? Where do you go when you meditate? What do you feel when you kiss a baby or smell a flower or hug someone dear toyou? You’re not in a low place at that time or at any other, whenyou are feeling Joy!!!Whether you are simply sitting on the groundcommuning with Mother Gaia and her Kingdoms, whether you are in the company ofyour Guides, the Angels, the Ascended Masters, whether you are piloting yourship in the Ashtar Command, whether you are simply connecting with the totalityof your beings including your Higher Dimensional Selves, you are not in thethird dimension!You are in levels of High Fourth, Fifth – and even HigherDimensions!!!That is where fear cannot go with you. It cannot existthere. It just has to be released!



“And inorder to be more and more in these Higher Levels, you are undergoingtransformations in every part of your third dimensional beings. Youalready know that your physical bodies are changing into the crystalline bodies– lighter they will be! Some of you are having changes in what you chooseto nourish these bodies with. Some of you are losing, hmm, let us justsay, parts of your bodies which hold toxins because toxins are not coming intoHigher Levels of Dimensionality with you, so they must be let go of. Andyou have places in your body which are ideally suited for the storage of theseand so you may be losing some weight. This is not true in every casebecause everyone has their own particular rate of change.



“The most important change, of course,you’ve already heard a bit about, and that is within your own Heart spaces andin your Higher Levels of yourselves- your voices, your wisdom eyes, your crownsand beyond. And you do have some new chakras opening in otherareas. And you have some Higher Dimensional chakras that you are movinginto joining with. And you have what you have called your three lowerchakras which are changing! They must change because they’re coming withyou – they’re not being cast aside or tossed overboard or any such thing!!!



“Thisis all challenging at times, but you’re doing it, each and every one ofyou!!! And we are so Joy-full! A part of you is already here. Access that part! Observe yourself from that Higher Dimensional SelfPerspective and you will see whereof I speak. Look at yourself along yourtimelines, oh, let us say, four years ago in your measurement of time, and justsimply see how much Light you are radiating and then look at yourselves now,and see the increase! It is spectacular!!!



“PlanetEarth is more and more in the Light. And yes, it is most important thatall beings on Planet Earth make their own decisions as to whether they willascend during this period – this era we shall say – or whether theywill wait yet a while. And there are those who are so steeped in theirdarkness that they are so terrified of leaving it that that particular group – themajority of them – will be going other places. But within thatgroup, there are Lights lighting up even now, and there will be more!



“And so,when you shine forth your Lights deliberately, intentionally and consciously,to uplift Planet Earth and all of its kingdoms, be sure to include all who arestill steeped in the darkness of fear, because you are here to createmiracles, not just within yourselves and for yourselves, but for everyoneelse!!! And that’s how it works. That’s how the World becomes aCommunity of Love. And that, my most Beloved Ones, is where our Missionis together!



Iam so honored to be here with you, to have this opportunity to tell you howradiant, how wondrous and beautiful you all are!!! Together we areaccomplishing that which you ordained so long ago, when you first left the HighPlaces of Light and took up residence in the third dimension, in order toexperience all that it could possibly hold, in order to create on that level,in order to go where Mother/Father God could observe all that came forth!



“And youhave done that brilliantly and beautifully. And that is ending, because youpromised when you lowered your vibrations – or took the veil, however yousee it – you promised that one day you would return to the Light with yourbodies, with your transformed bodies which had become third dimensional bodies,but still carried the LoveLight within. And that is what you are succeedingin doing!And that is our Mission that we are accomplishing together!!!



“Thankyou so much, Beloved Ones, Beloved Family. We are together, and togetherwe are Love in the Oneness of all of the LoveLight in the Universe!!! Andso it is. Namaste!”







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