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Mushaba Greetings to all of humanity,




I return today in such a short time because I want to share some more information about what is going on everywhere on earth and in the higher dimensions. Even though many may find it almost impossible to believe because of the smoke screens and mirrored reflection of the old guard, you find it hard to believe, let alone accept that change is here and that what appears to be is not and what is not, is. Now let me explain in a clear way what I mean. It appears so in your world of earth, and also in the various worlds in the universe, that it is business as usual because you hear all the bad stories, all the negative things happening and it doesnt matter if they are true or not they just need to be said, and then people take it and run with it into the ground and take as many with them as they can.




The actions that are reported in the news, whether true or false doesnt matter because it keeps the dead Cabal alive in the minds of people everywhere. So it appears that nothing has changed, even though what appears to be is not. The cabal is dead and all the true powerful leaders of the cabal have been removed off planet. So you ask why is the same old stuff still going on. The answer is first of all it isnt. Secondly when things are put in peoples mind, they see what they want to see or believe is there even if it is not. Thirdly, the people that are left behind, are want to be minions of the former dead as a doornail cabal. These are simply bad, negative evil minded human beings that are carrying out the old ways of their masters even though they have no master to guide them or tell them what to do. They are acting on their own, and as humanity, you will rise up and take your stand and take back your earth, your government and every aspect of your society that is not of Light, Love, Truth and Integrity. That movement has already begun in earnest. The problem is that its not easily seen because that will not get the main media coverage, yet! However, there are times when these actions, these stories, slip through but are quickly kicked, or people dont buy into it because of conditioning. Society or humanity as a whole has been under many forms of conditioning for a very, very long time. It is old tactics that are being used and used successfully. However, the bright side to this is that it is having less and less of an effect on people as it once did. People are outright challenging a lot of information that they receive. This is good!




So many are waking up by leaps and bounds and so many are starting to figure out that we as a society have been duped for a very long time. These evil dark hearted beings in power will not last much longer. The power is truly in the hands of the people and that is their biggest fear. So they do all they can to make you feel that you are powerless and that your voice doesnt matter, that you are in a hopeless position and under the thumb of the authority. So people concede and give up. But oh how that has changed and is an ever growing movement! The energies that have been sent to earth, especially in the past 3 months, have been the most powerful and life changing soul changing energies there are, sent by The All That Is and Creator to help earth to quickly evolve to the point where they should have been to date if it was not for the interference of the dark hearted beings on earth and in the many universal galactic councils.




Yes, its a hard pill to swallow that beings in high dimensions that are of the light can be deeply corrupt and convoluted. This is why house cleaning has taken place universal wide. It fits the saying that we have on earth that states: As Above, So Below. This is why I personally recommend the Book by my son Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba not for reasons of advertising his work, because he was guided to write these books for the future study of all of humanity so they can be brought up to speed on many things especially how things operate in the universe. The book I am referring to is called: Maldion A Leader Hiding in Time From Good Dark To Platinum Light. It tells an amazing story of how this being went through such an ordeal in dealing with both the leaders of the dark and the leaders of the light. Maldion didnt trust anyone to have the knowledge that he carried because he knew that whoever gets what he has, it would tip the balance of power in the universe. So he wanted to be sure that when he gives up this knowledge it will be to the right beings of the light and he had to search to find out who that was. He ran for his very life as he hid in time to avoid being caught. My description does not do the book justice however, if you have any interest you can research it yourself. I only mention this book because it sheds light on things that you would think is fiction, not real or possible.eraoflight.com


是的,这是难以下咽的一味苦药,更高维度中的光之存在也会深度地腐败和盘旋。所以清理房子在宇宙范围内进行。这符合“在上如在下。”所以我个人推荐我儿子Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba的书,不是为了打广告,因为他被指引去书写这些书籍,为了让所有人可以研究,这样他们可以在许多东西上加速,尤其是关于事物如何在宇宙中运作。我所提及的书籍叫Maldion“躲藏在时间中的领袖从黑暗到铂金的光。它诉说了一个非凡的故事,关于这个存在如何通过严酷的考验,面对黑暗和光明的领袖。Maldion不相信任何人知道他所知道的,因为他知道任何得到他所拥有的人,这会让宇宙中力量的平衡失衡。所以他想要确保当他交出这个知识,那会是正确的光之存有,他必须去寻找那个存有。他为了逃命“躲藏在时间之中”。我的描述并不详细,如果你有兴趣可以去搜索一下。我只是提及一下,因为它揭示了一些你认为是小说,不是真实或可能的事情。


In my closing message today, I want you to realize and accept that things are much better than they seem, and I want you to look for the good and for the changes and see behind the smoke screens to the truth. You will in a short few months be witness to these changes worldwide and universe wide and it will be no denying it. Those beings both of earth and in the universe that are still trying to perpetuate the darkness of life will all come to a screeching end! They are afraid and just dont know what else to do. They see that they have lost their grip on everything that they once mastered. Hold your head up and know that not only is change going to come, change has come and is here!




You are all dearly loved,




I am Papa Force- Porda


我是Papa Force- Porda


Mushaba Blessings!









One last word I would like to share:




In my messages you always hear me say either Mushaba Greetings or Mushaba Blessings! What this greetings does is to spread the frequency of what this greeting means. It means that you are greeting, or blessing whomever you greet with the energy of freedom and empowerment, divine love and oneness, and transformation and change! Thats it in a nut shell.


在我的信息中,你总是听我说来自Mushaba 的问候或祝福!这个问候就是把问候的频率传播出去。意味着你被你所迎接之人问候或祝福,伴随着自由,授权,神圣之爱与合一,转变和改变的能量!这就是总结一下



翻译:Nick Chan



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