新纪元扬升之光 2018-09-16


Maitreya: AnUrgent Message to Earth Humanity




Greetings Earth Humanity. This is Maitreya. I am transmittingthis message to Elizabeth Trutwin, who many of you know as a medium for Sanandamessages as well as others such as Ashtar and Mother Sekhmet. We are beginninga new set of messages through me, Maitreya. All who are reading this messagehave come in contact with me in some form at Earth or perhaps your Home Planetsome time in the past and likely the super ancient past. Thetime has come to transcend all science and religion by integrating Space Law.We have in past explored messages from other Star Masters who are all AscendedMasters who have perfected The Way of the Buddha; Sananda, Ashtar, St Germain,Archangel Metatron, Archangel Michael, Vishnu and Shiva, Mother Sekhmet, Lincor,Salvington,Soltec, Lady Athena, Lady Nada, Mother Mary and so many others. The Way of theBuddha is Universal Law throughout space amongst intellectual Life Formsfriendly with one another. The Ascended Masters are all a part of the GalacticFederation and Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds. Where they are, everyBeing associated with them, human, non human and otherwise are all Enlightenedand are working on or have attained the level of Buddhahood also known as beingChristed Beings. The names are different and they mean the same thing. It is aknowledge higher than science or religion. Every Human living on Earth now wasrequired to have attained Christ Consciousness/Buddhahood before coming toEarth for the beginning of the New Era, The Golden Age. Not all who appearhuman on Earth are human. There are many who are nonhuman. These ones includethe few trying to control the many and are the root cause of evil we seeattacking commerce, the environment, religions and every sector of life onEarth. This is an urgent message to help each one of you make it through theturbulence which is on the horizon for Earth.


问候地球上的人们。我是梅翠亚。我把这个信息传递给Elizabeth Trutwin,你们很多人都知道她是萨南达的信息的灵媒,还有其他人如阿斯塔和母神赛科麦特。我们正在通过我,梅翠亚开始转递一系列新的信息。所有读过这条信息的人都是在地球上或是在你的母星在过去某个时候以某种形式联系过我,这也很可能是在远古的过去。通过整合太空法则来超越所有的科学和宗教的时代已经到来。我们过去曾探究过其他的星际大师的信息,他们都是扬升大师,他们完善了佛陀之路;萨南达,阿斯塔,圣哲曼,大天使麦达昶,大天使麦可,毗湿奴和湿婆,母神赛科麦特,Lincor,萨尔文顿,Soltec,雅典娜女士,娜达女士,圣母玛利亚和许多其他人。在友好的智慧生命形式中,佛陀之路是遍及整个太空的宇宙法则。扬升大师们都是银河联邦和星际联盟的一部分。在他们所在的地方,每一个与他们有联系的存有,人类,非人类,或者其他的,都是被启迪的,他们正在努力达到或已达到了佛陀的层级,也被称为基督本质的存有。名字是不同的,它们的意思是一样的。这是一种比科学或宗教更高的知识。在新纪元黄金时代开始呈现的地球之前,现在地球上的每一个人都被要求要达到基督意识/佛性。地球上呈现的人类形式并非都是人类。有很多是非人类的。这些人包括少数试图控制大多数人的人,他们是邪恶根源,我们看到商业、环境、宗教和地球上的每一个生命领域正受到攻击。这是一个紧急信息,以帮助你们每个人度过出现在地球上的动荡。


Thereare two issues facing Earth now which outweigh all other issues involving thesurvival of the Planet. This new series of messages will provide informationregarding the severity of the problems as well as exploring extremely vitalguidance on surviving.




Thereare an untold number of off-Planet or otherwise known as friendlyExtraterrestrials and Angels assisting Earth mitigate the issues at hand,within the setting of worldwide war and environmental impact as an ongoingmission. In order for Earth to survive the coming cataclysmic changes EarthHumankind is completely responsible for saving themselves. That is UniversalLaw. Some call it the Prime Directive which states that each PlanetaryCivilization cannot have interference from those not living on their Planetexcept where there is mass psychological attack, such as was the case on 09/11or nuclear war. This transmission is to alert those reading to the fact thatEarth needs the help of a Human Network who are Enlightened to act as nodesforming a network over Earth, as if holding hands transmitting the highestenergies of love and thanksgiving to Mother Earth and all sentient beingsliving on and within her.