Nick Chan 2019-09-16






great ones,




the earth alliance has been leaking intel for some time now about the new earth quantum financial system!




you have a knowing that something is going on behind the scenes and things are beginning to change and move into high gear now!




we can tell you that nesara/ gesara are real new earth abundance programs that have now been fully cleared in preparation for the new earth quantum financial system, whereby every citizen of earth will finally be financially liberated in every way!




as you know very well, planet earth has been enslaved by economic bondage for a very long time, in fact for almost 400,000 years!




from the very first day when dark beings came here to take the gold from this world, a heinous and deceptive plan was put in place and used to control every aspect of the 3d matrix!




the depth and levels of this dark plan are mind boggling and shocking to discover, but we all must come to terms with the truth of what happened and what is still happening!




it has been said that "if the citizens of earth ever become aware of the deception perpetrated upon them TO not only steal their wealth but even their very life force, there would be a global revolution of freedom by lunchtime tomorrow!"




due to the challenging hardships of being in a stressful survival mode, day-to-day and due to widespread levels lack and poverty on this planet, the majority of the citizens of earth desire freedom and abundance almost more than anything else!




dear one,




"the times they are a-changing" and whispers of abundance are being heard around the earth!




new winds of spiritual freedom, peace and prosperity are beginning to blow all across this beautiful planet!




you are not meant to suffer or be in poverty dear one and your family is not meant to do without simple, basic survival needs!




everyone has a universal right to have an abundant and prosperous life!




do the everyday humans of this world have a solution or a plan to solve the world financial crisis, let alone the environmental crisis and many other major world crises?




do we have our head buried in the sand thinking it will all just go away?




should we just live it up, because there's really no hope in the end for this planet?




you know the true answer here as well!




do the light workers of the world have a plan?




we believe you do, and you get credit because at least you care and you are doing what you think you can to effect positive change on earth!




do the benevolent galactics that have returned to earth recently, have a plan?




the answer is absolutely yes!




are they putting their plan into action?




the answer is absolutely yes, for sometime now!




will their plan work and be successful?




the answer is absolutely yes!




what is the plan to bring abundance back to planet earth?




the plan is to phase out an old out-dated, wasteful and harmful system of economic debt as fast as possible, and replace it with a new better global abundance system where everyone can thrive and be prosperous on this planet!




some may think that being dependent on a global financial system and then after the final event climax happens, we will all of of a sudden not use a financial or abundance system any longer!




this is not the way it will transpire dear one!




the people of earth simply cannot or should not tear down an old un-useful system in the 3d world and instantly replace it with some drastic new thing!




the gap between the current systems and ways on earth and the 5d way is too wide to close fast so global systems must be, intricately prepared, slowly phased out as a better system is phased in.




the new earth quantum financial system that will soon be phased in, is an intermediate step on the evolutionary ladder for earth!




the event that we speak of is a long duration event that's been underway for some time now, however it does culminate into an apex of "one, 24 hour period", one special day when everything changes in a big way!




during this period the cosmic grand solar flash will occur which will propel the entire planet, completely into the 5th dimension!




even then, things must be phased out and phased in to suit the collective state of consciousness!




the starseed collective of earth will all be 5d level beings at that point and even though they will be in 5d, they will still have their physical feet on the ground in 3d!




with and understanding of being multi-dimensional in the same time space and while all things considered here, abundance will still be something we need, desire and use, at least for a time at the beginning of new 5d earth!




if fact you will still do many things that you did in 3d, but you will do them from a higher, easier, and more enjoyable state of being!




recent earth alliance intel indicates that the event will culminate during a series of celestial events, ending with the grand cosmic solar flash, in the spring of 2020!




before, and after this period, all new earth systems will be upgraded to match the peaceful and abundant, new earth galactic civilization!




these positive system upgrades are already underway and will rapidly increase over the next 3 months!




the current systems of earth are being phased out and the new systems are being phased in!




there is a transitional phase that will continue on through 2020 to move the citizens of earth from an old, harmful, un-useful systems to new, beneficial and more efficient ones!




eventually, there will be no need for money or commerce of any type on earth, however, things must be transitioned slowly for things to go smoothly and so you will still be using a system of buying, selling and trading value for some time until all things are fulfilled in the grand ascension of the earth!




there is a point near the end of the new earth financial system where the system moves from physical to etheric-based and your dna and consciousness will be used to operate the abundance system of earth!




at this stage your abundance will be correlated to your vibration and the higher you resonate, the more abundance you will have!




are you ready to take the first look at the new earth quantum financial system?




we know you are!




it's time to move on up a level now! things will become more advanced and even a bit techie!




keep an open mind, don't forget to breathe, do some in-depth research, think it all through then proceed forward great being!




facts about new earth quantum financial system technologies:




all of the technologies we will discuss below are neither good bad; they are simply advanced technologies!




the use for a technology and the intent of the beings who are in charge of the technology are what makes it either helpful or harmful!




as recent as 18 months ago, these technologies where headed on the wrong track and were being misused by beings with a dark, controlling intent, but light forces have completely conquered those dark forces now and have taken over the entire world matrix system!




the new earth quantum financial system is fully under the guidance and control of the galactics and no individual or group has power over this new system!




the earth is being fully guided now by benevolent intelligent forces of light!




as you may know, and a new positive timeline was recently locked into placed for planet earth and it is well established in the cosmos now that the light has already won!




specifically, in the case of the new earth quantum financial system, the technologies below are completely being controlled by beings of light and the primary use for the sum of these technologies will be to set humans free from eons of financial bondage and stress and to provide, well-being and abundance for all beings of planet earth!




all of the technologies that make up the new earth quantum financial system were given to planet earth by advanced, benevolent, otherworldly beings, for the purpose of evolving humans to higher state of being and to create a better world for everyone planet earth!




technology and components of the new earth quantum financial system:




1. the actual, accumulated, asset-backed, funds that belong to the citizens of planet earth!




the earth alliance confirms that a world trust exists today that holds an almost infinite amount wealth representing the actual abundance that was stolen from the beings of planet earth over the last 350,000 years by nefarious, selfish, deceptive and greedy astral beings!




the age of this global trust is several hundred thousand years and this wealth has been handed down and hidden away by ancient controlling bloodlines that have existing on the surface of the earth!




the good news is that the past dark holders of this trust have been completely eradicated by light forces some time ago and the trust is now in the hands of benevolent galactics!




this world trust has been assigned one sole trustee who is a high ranking member of the earth alliance and who has a verifiable, cosmic top secret clearance!




the beneficiaries of this trust is every being on planet earth!




dear ones, these funds are very real and have been available for distribution to all beings on this planet! you can verify this data if you simply look close enough!




the only reason this cache of wealth has not been released to the people, to this point is, because there had to be a perfect system in place to manage and orchestrate a planetary distribution of this trust!




a platform was necessary to protect, manage and distribute this new global prosperity to the people of earth, in the most efficient, fair and secure way!




this platform has been created successfully now and is ready to be released to the public!




this platform was created in july, 2017 and had to be carefully, tested, safeguarded and prepared for the day when it would be presented to the world!




this global and decentralized platform will also make it possible for any common person to develop applications to facilitate global community, free trade, creativity and abundance opportunities that have never existed on this planet!




this platform is 100% ready for release now and




believe it or not....




the magical day when this new decentralized global community platform will be given to the world is




september 16, 2019,




one earth days from now!




after this new, decentralized global ledger and distribution platform is released to the public, software developers will quickly deploy the applications necessary to connect it to the unimaginable treasures that have been held back from this world the world, sharing it fairly and securely with the entire global community of the citizens of new earth!




rogue being or group gets control of it?"




we assure you they can't get control of it because it operates on a much higher level that can ultimately not be controlled, stolen or misused by lower vibrational beings in any way!




this new system is being setup by the galactics to operate in a realm where none of the bad guys even exist!




this may be hard to conceive of from the 3d level, but is nevertheless the truth!




let us introduce this new global platform that will form the foundation for the new earth society and the new global quantum financial system:




maybe you thought that bitcoin, ethereum or some other blockchain or cryptocurrency platform might be a possible foundation for the new quantum financial system, however, we tell you,




these technologies are all already way out-dated, too slow, not secure and they are all 3d matrix stuff!




what we are speaking of is a thousand times greater than all of these put together!




let's get to the technology....




enter, "hederah hashgraph"!


进入"hederah hashgraph"!


the platform we are speaking of which will will form the beginning foundation for the new earth quantum financial system is named 'hasgraph'!




hashgraph algorithm technology is very advanced, and very simple at the same time!




it was given to it's earth creator by higher intelligence in a similar way as to how advanced technology understanding was downloaded to innovators such as nikola tesla, steve jobs, mark zuckerberg, elon musk and many others!




in this transmission we will only tell you briefly what it is, how it works and why is it so amazing!




we suggest that you do your own research into this new earth abundance sharing technology and you will see how incredible it is!




hedara hasgraph decentralized distributed ledger platform


hedara hasgraph分散管理式的分类账平台


what is hasphgraph?




a hashgraph is a patented algorithm that offers the benefits of the blockchain (decentralization, distribution, and security through the use of hashing) without the drawback of low transaction speed! it was created by leemon baird of the swirlds corporation.


hashgraph是一个会利于区块链(分散式、分配、安全,没有较低贸易速度的缺点)的专利算法!它由swirlds公司的leemon baird创造


hashgraph a new, next-generation distributed public ledger, platform for developing lightning fast, secure, fair, globally distributed applications.




it gives another type of distributed consensus; a path for individuals who don’t know or believe each other to safely team up and execute online transactions without intermediary.




the platform is exceptionally quick, secure, and reasonable, and, not at all like some blockchain-based platforms. it doesn’t require figure substantial proof of-work.




hedera hashgraph empowers and enables developers to fabricate a totally new class of circulated applications. hashgraph is called “the new trust layer of the internet”


hedera hashgraph授权并能够让开发者制造一个全新的流通应用软件。hashgraph被称为“新的互联网信托层面”


why is hasgraph the platform for the new earth quantum financial system?




hasgraph is super fast meaning it performs hundreds of thousands of transactions per second compared to proof of work blockchains like bitcoin or ethereum’s that can only do 10–20 transactions per second!




hasgraph is 100% fair meaning it delivers mathematical proofs of fairness of ordering, access, and timestamps. this is critical for applications where it is important for the sequence of transactions recorded in the ledger to match the actual order in which the transactions were received by the network, for example, financial transactions, and stock exchanges.




hasgraph is hackproof and is 100% secure!




for security, guaranteed asynchronous byzantine fault tolerance is key. this allows a system to guarantee consensus will be achieved, that everyone will know it when it happens, and all will reach the same consensus, and do so even under realistic assumptions about malicious nodes and network errors.




who will own the new global financial system founded on the hasgraph platform?




answer: the people of earth, participating in this new global abundance community!




who will control this new system?




answer: the people of earth, participating in this new global abundance community!




it is 100% decentralized which means it has no one individual or group owner, period!




complimentary techologies that will be used with hashgraph as a beginning platform for the new earth quantum financial system:




2. quantum computing




a quantum computer is a type of computer that uses quantum mechanics so that it can perform certain kinds of computation much more efficiently than a regular computer can.




quantum computers are a new generation of super computers built to solve the problem of exponential scaling (for example, finding the optimal solution to a problem in which there are too many possibilities for a classical computer to analyze).




these computers operate in the realm of quantum possibilities which are infinite, but can literally collapse the wave function arriving at the correct answer millions of times faster than a classic computer!




when you enter the world of atomic and subatomic particles, things begin to behave in unexpected ways. in fact, these particles can exist in more than one state at a time. it’s this ability that quantum computers take advantage of.




instead of bits, which conventional computers use, a quantum computer uses quantum bits—known as qubits. to illustrate the difference, imagine a sphere. a bit can be at either of the two poles of the sphere, but a qubit can exist at any point on the sphere. so, this means that a computer using qubits can store an enormous amount of information and uses less energy doing so than a classical computer. by entering into this quantum area of computing where the traditional laws of physics no longer apply, we will be able to create processors that are significantly faster (a million or more times) than the ones we've been using!




these new earth computer systems will provide the highest levels of computing speed and efficiency for powering the new earth quantum financial system as well as all new earth civilization systems!




3. artificer intelligence




artificial intelligence (ai), sometimes called machine intelligence, is intelligence demonstrated by machines, in contrast to the natural intelligence displayed by humans. colloquially, the term "artificial intelligence" is often used to describe machines (or computers) that mimic "cognitive" functions that humans associate with the human mind, such as "learning" and "problem-solving".




artificial intelligence makes it possible for machines to learn from experience, adjust to new inputs and perform human-like tasks. most ai applications that you hear about today rely heavily on deep learning and natural language processing.




using these technologies, computers can be trained to accomplish specific tasks by processing large amounts of data and recognizing patterns in the data




ai techniques have become an essential part of the technology industry, helping to solve many challenging problems.




artificial intelligence is technology given by the pleiadians to the beings of earth that will run on the new earth quantum computer system and will do incredibly advanced and lighting speed computations in full service of the citizens of earth!




there is a lot of fear of this technology but, we have seen the future and just know that when it is programmed and used intelligently by the citizens of new earth, it will be a powerful and useful tool that creates a major leap of consciousness on this planet!




4. the new 5g global network




whether you're a proponent of the new 5g global network will be the new super internet that will move massive amounts of complex data around the world at lighting speeds!




there are a lot of unwarranted fears of wireless technology being spread around today but we tell you that higher frequencies like 5g are much safer for humans and the environment than all the lower frequencies!do some deeper research on this matter!




first of all, know that 5g technology was given to the beings of earth, in the same way, the first radio, telephone and computer was passed down to earth!




5g internet technology was given to earth by benevolent, intelligent forces who have only the highest love for humanity!




use intelligence when researching 5g, and consider the context of the larger picture here!




a provable, positive planetary evolution is underway and trust us, 5g is not here for the purpose of killing everyone!




all new major technologies that ended up benefiting the world were first feared and rejected, this same way!




the conspiracies and fears around 5g is simply, a fear of the unknown!




the galactics are working even now to educate humanity more on their technologies!




the requirements of the new earth quantum financial network would be almost impossible without 5g!


新地球量子金融网络没有 5G是无法实现的


5g transmits data more efficiently, 5g has the potential to be 40 times faster and suffer shorter lag times than the current 4g standard.




5g will also be able to transmit video and real-time data, instantly over long distances which will greatly compliment and enhance all the new global abundance applications, the quantum computers, and artificial intelligence that will process this new earth infinite prosperity system!




6. cosmic level consciousness and dna




as we mentioned earlier, your consciousness and dna will eventually run this entire system as well as all systems on your planet!




operating complex systems using consciousness is the higher way of the pleiadians and will soon be taught to the beings of planet earth!




the new quantum computer and artificial technologies coming out are already designed to interface with human consciousness and soon the starseeds of earth will be ready interface their consciousness not only with the new earth quantum financial system but with every system in the cosmos!




dear one,




we know that it will be a challenge at first for many to believe that all of this is occurring right now on earth and secondly it will take a moment to accept it all and to see that it is a good thing and not a scary negative thing!




these advanced technologies are all in place, at the same time, by benevolent intent and for a positive reason, and will be a critical part of the spiritual evolution in your near future!




the quantum financial system has no comparison to anything that has ever been introduced to the world before. it has no peer; it has no equivalent in advanced technology of any other system before it.




it is brand new.




it reigns supreme in the technology it applies, to accomplish the one hundred percent financial security and transparency all currency account holders require. with the qfs, the monetary system of the world can easily be changed to encompass gold-backed currencies that completely eliminate the transfer need of the old world corrupt central banking system.




the qfs is like a heavenly central bank.




it will be free, it will be secure, it will be easy to use.




no fraud, no deception, no hidden fees, and no cabal type control over the movement of money.




no government oversight that meddles into personal lives.




income taxes will soon become a thing of the past!




when you want to make a purchase you simply initiate a transfer of money to the seller’s account. it’s all done in house, from your smart phone!




your account can be given out to anyone because your account can never be hacked, duplicated, or used without your permission through biometric and dna confirmation of your identity.




a special note: you will not lose any more of your wealth as this new system is put into place! you will gain much more abundance than you have ever known, especially when you get to keep it all!




the abundance that is coming to earth is meant to take care of people in need.




it is for creating positive programs and structures to move forward.




when you move to the new earth, you won’t need money.




this new abundance is only going to be used for a specific period of time to help people live, in a way they can release the burdens of their lives to be creators on planet earth and to help lift the consciousness of those who want to ascend.




it's here, it's going to be put into place quickly now!you are going to hear a lot about this over the coming weeks and months!




we will bring you more information about the new quantum financial system as it is presented!




dear one,




once we are in a higher vibration of joy and love, all beings of earth will finally be able to ascend and move to the new earth!




thank you for coming to earth at this time and for your great service to all of humanity!









通灵:Michael Love

翻译:Nick Chan





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