It is time for me to receive something from the higher spheres again and publish it on my blog. Usually I don’t publish channeled messages or information that should be transmitted by a certain energy. Today I want to make an exception, because the information I have received is not only for me, but for everyone.




If the information in your heart does not touch you or you cannot resonate with it, then it is your decision to turn away from this information. You have your free will and you may express it.




Great efforts have been made to lead all the inhabitants of Mother Earth, which consists of humans, animals, plants and many other races of which we have no idea of existence, into the next higher dimension.




Currently we are moving in the 4th dimension and 6th sub-dimension of 12. This is to express that we are still 6 sub-dimensions away from the 5th dimension. This means that we will soon turn into the finishing straight and approach the 5th dimension with big steps.




What this will mean for us and our life on earth is a legitimate question. I was told that the high vibration will lead to the dissolution of a lot of karma and that we will thus be freed from a lot of old burdens without having to commit ourselves specifically to it. It could also be called divine dispensation or divine grace.




In these very high energies, certain programs and behaviors can no longer exist. Our thoughts become clearer and we learn more and more to follow the call of the inner voice. This inner voice now becomes louder and louder and leads us to ask questions that are answered when we focus on the inner voice.




The reversal point, the fault, or even the event, as all these names express it, will have the consequence that the divine awakens within us and with the awakening the soul plan that has been written especially for us and through us for the new time. Together we will realize that there will be nothing more to fear and we will realize that a life that is oriented towards the common good is much easier to live than accumulating wealth that has been distributed very unfairly.




We are facing very big changes that are coming. Politically, the wires are running at a high level. Many politicians who are inaugurated don’t care too much about the things that will no longer be relevant in the future.




The last moves of the cabal are now being played before humanity can realize that we have lived with a global lie. The reasons are very complex and cannot be described in brief. Assume that you will get much to digest when the truth comes to light. No day will pass when the stitchings will burst and everything that was hidden will be washed to the surface.



Take your time and go into yourself. Recognize your greatness and your power, which awakens in you. We are protected and accompanied. Ask for it and it will be given to you.








The cosmic messenger pigeon




翻译:Nick Chan










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