Always think in that dimension -- the dimension of splendor, beauty, blessing, benediction, the dimension of grace. If one can be full of the sense of beauty, one is full of God.




Aesthetics should be the only religion; poetry and dance should be the only prayer. To be creative should be the only way to God, because he is the creator; the moment you create, you are full of him.




But down the ages the situation was just the opposite: uncreative people were thought to be saints... utterly uncreative people. Their only merit was that they were masochists, that they were destroying themselves, that they were murderous towards their own being, that they were efficient in torturing themselves.




These people were not only uncreative, these people were pathological too, they were suffering from mental illnesses. They were not even normal but they were thought to be saints. The more a man was capable of torturing himself, the greater saint he became. That was a nightmare.




And it is good that all those religions no more have a hold on humanity, are no more relevant to the human heart. It is good; a nightmarish chapter has ended. The future will have to find a different kind of religion -- a religion of creativity, a religion of joy and celebration, and a religion which is basically aesthetic.




If a man only keeps alert about beauty, all will happen. Then you cannot be violent because violence is ugly; you cannot torture yourself or anybody else, because torture is ugly.




Once you start living beauty in Life, all else becomes possible, easily possible. Then all that is ugly becomes immoral and morality becomes a totally new dimension, the dimension of beauty.




Everybody is carrying that splendor in the heart. It has to be released, the imprisoned splendor has to be released!




And that's my whole work here: to help you to bloom. I am not here to impose any idea on you. I don't know what kind of flower you are going to become. I don't dictate that you have to be a lotus or you have to be a rose; that is immaterial.




Whatsoever you are going to be, whatsoever: a known flower, unknown flower, a wild flower -- that doesn't matter. You should bloom, and whatsoever is hidden inside you should surface. In that very surfacing life is fulfilled.




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