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Every shift in energetic frequency and vibration holds many blessings and is a moment of grace where profound transformation and ascension movement can occur. These movements are ascension confirmations as much as they are separations from 3D density so that a higher frequency of light can enter that space. They represent gains and loss and unlimited potential and are a place of healing, wholeness, and the end of karma, soul cycles, and suffering.


振动频率中的每个转变有着许多的祝福,是一个恩典的时刻,深刻的转变和扬升运动可以发生。这些运动是扬升的证实,因为它们与 3D 密度分离,这样更高的光之频率可以进入。它们代表得失,无尽的潜能,疗愈,完整,业力 / 灵魂周期 / 苦难的完结


An energy gap occurs when a new energy potential is created between spirit and human because the 3D energy paradigm that is carried by humanity is ready to receive new frequencies. The energy gap is the response to spirits invitation to expand into new levels of reality and allow new reality frequencies to become part of the human energy grid. This can be felt as a shock to the physical body because it re-arranges the energy system, removing pockets of density created by long held trauma, a source of pain, suffering and separation from the divine.


当一个新的能量潜能在精神和人类之间发生,一个能量间隙出现,因为人类所携带的 3D 能量范式准备接收新的频率。能量间隙是对精神邀请去扩张到新的现实层面并让新的现实频率成为人类能量网格一部分的响应。这可以感受为对物理身体的一个冲击,因为它重新调整了能量系统,移除了长期保持的创伤,痛苦,折磨和与神圣分离所创造的稠密。


This opening is a moment of grace that allows you to see the potential of a new reality while also providing an exercise of free will new energies and realities must be freely chosen, they are not an imposition on you. They involve a separation from the 3D reality that has been your foundation for many lifetimes as you consider the invitation to relinquish your healing missions and take up new light missions. They are also an invitation to release karma and your healing commitments and allow your soul partners to decide whether they will continue their paths without you or follow you into new realities and energetic potentials.


这个敞开是一个恩典的时刻,让你看到新现实的潜能,同时也提供了一个自由意志的行使 --- 新的能量和现实必须被自由选择,它们不会被强加给你。它们涉及一个与 3D 现实的分离,那是你许多生世的基础,随着你考虑放弃你的疗愈使命,拾起新的光之使命。它们还是一个邀请去释放业力和你的疗愈承诺,让你的灵魂伴侣决定他们是否想继续道路,没有你的道路或者跟随你进入新现实和能量潜能


Energy gaps are a blessing because they are the response to your desire for a more fulfilling, joyful, and joy-filled life. Blessings are not limited to those things that make you happy and feel good; they are often those difficult choices when you must decide that you will place your entire energetic being on your own path and relinquish your belief that you are responsible for others healing. A blessing expands your reality, often by releasing those things that limit it. Energy gaps bless you by showing you that other realities are possible, and then you must choose how you will use that blessing.




Embrace the energy gaps as they appear in your life for they hold the promise of the expansion and light that are a new path to energy expansion, fulfillment, and the joyous 5D energies that will create heaven on earth. Your soul can help you remember the grace each energy gap holds and find the joy in the blessing of the awakening of your creative power as you embrace your spiritual mastery and anchor in the new paradigms of joy for yourself, for humanity, for the earth, and for the ascension cycle.


拥抱能量间隙,随着它们出现,因为它们持有扩张和光的承诺 --- 到达能量扩张,满足,喜悦的 5D 能量(会创造人间天堂)的新道路。你的灵魂会帮助你记住每个能量间隙所持有的恩典,在你创造性力量觉醒中的喜悦,随着你拥抱你精神的精通并锚定新的喜悦范式,为了你,人类,地球和扬升周期



大天使乌列尔 20170725 祝福间隙

原文: http://spiritlibrary.com/uriel-heals/bless-the-gap

通灵:Jennifer Hoffman

翻译:Nick Chan



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