原创 2017-08-02 麦可 新纪元扬升之光

Archangel Michael via Leslie-Anne Menzies, July 31st, 2017





Dear Ones,


注意,你现在在这个美丽的旋转的蓝色 / 绿色的球体上的地理位置!

Notice where you are currently“positioned” on this beautiful spinning Blue/Green Orb!


你有没有花时间去思考你在地理上的位置 ? 你在这一生中都去过哪里,你现在看到 你自己 当前的位置在哪里 ?

Have you taken time to ponderwhere it is you are geographically? Where have you been in this lifetime and where do you currently find“yourself?”



From our vantage point we can seethe Sacred Geometric Patterns formed by the LIGHT you radiate, and from whereyou radiate it.



Such incredible geometrics areilluminated by you Dear Hearts. Each and everyone of you, positioned in theperfect location. Some radiate stability from their vantage point and othersare fluid, needing to add to specific points on the Globe at certain moments intime.



All in perfect alignment ofcourse.


亲爱的朋友,你有没有问过你为什么选择了某个国家、城市或城镇?在你同意化身之前,你可以从你所选择的位置上最好地服务这个星球。这需要众多不同的光遍及在整个旋转的地球上。你始终 知道 在这一生中会有一个觉醒。你是在 11:11 里被设计要醒来的吗?多年来,你们很多人都意识到这一点,但这仍然是对那些从睡梦中擦亮眼睛的人的召唤。

Dear Ones, have you everquestioned why you “chose” a certain Country, City or Town? You agreed beforeincarnating in this lifetime that you could best serve the Planet from yourchosen location. It needed to be vastly diverse for the Light to integrate allover this spinning Globe. You always “knew” there was to be an awakening inthis lifetime. You were encoded within the 11:11 wake up call? This has beensomething many of you have been aware of for many years of your time and it isstill the call to those only just wiping the sleep from their eyes.


这是一部制作的杰作。全部是协议好的 ! ! !

A MASTERPIECE in the making. Allby agreement!!!


随着许多变化继续在你们新的地球上展开,许多人将再次重新安置到光商需要特别升级的地区。你可能会被 召唤 到某些特定的地方,虽然不理解为什么 —— 但仍然信任并响应 召唤

As the many changes continue tounfold on your New Earth many will once again re-locate to areas in need ofspecific LIGHT QUOTIENT upgrades. You may be “called” to certain placesspecifically at this time and not understanding why – but still trusting andanswering the “call.”


当你进入到下一个展开的阶段的时候,你就会知道你受到了支持和尊重的,因为你的灵魂 / 灵正被轻轻触动。

As you move into place for this nextphase of the unfoldment know you are supported and honoured for taking up thenudging of your Soul/Spirit.



Dear Ones you will always be inthe right place at the perfect time. TRUST this inner wisdom that guides youlovingly.


7 月的主要的能量已经退去。当你再次移动到 8 月份,日食月食会带来新的开始,将有激动人心的 (难以置信的,惊人的能量)会发生。

The harsh energies of July havesoftened for the moment. As you move again into the New Beginnings that theAugust Eclipse Season will bring, which will be DRAMATIC – (hear that asincredible, amazing energies) will transpire.



You may find yourself once againdrawn to special geographical locations to perform grid-work or gatewayopenings for these energies to be anchored into your new Crystalline EarthStructure.



Know that where you are guidedand whatever you feel drawn to do, over these next exciting days, know that weare beside you at all times.



Dear Ones, you are acknowledgedand assisted more readily and you are feeling the connection stronger than everas the veil continues to drop away.



Times like these neverexperienced before are becoming the norm as you watch all around you collapsingand crumbling before your eyes. Know however, that everything is perfect, andwhat is required for the new Crystalline Structure of the New Earth to form.



Dear Ones, continue to anchor theLight WHERE EVER you find yourselves and with whomeveraccompanies you.


你的光明和你的爱是所有正在背后展开的一切的推动力,因为你 —— 将成为所有人心中和平、兴盛、幸福和爱的平台。

Your LIGHT and your LOVE is the driving force behind all that isunfolding and because of YOU – PEACE, PROSPERITY, WELL-BEINGAND LOVE will be the platform for all to hold in theirhearts.



Open your Hearts even furtherDear Ones, invite the Light of Creation to flow through you as a conduit forthe Greatest Peace and Prosperity to flow to ALL.


亲爱的朋友们,这就是为什么你们生活在你们居住的地方,或者在这个蓝色 / 绿色的球体上旅行到神圣地方的原因。

That Dear Ones is why you livewhere you live, or travel to Sacred Places on this Blue/Green Orb.



Magic and Miracles ARE created byYOU.




And so it is







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