New doors open as others close


This is a message about positive change.As you walk away from what was into this new beyond you can smile that sweet smile of knowing that spirit is with you always and that you are guided as you walk through this next door of personal healing and happiness.Whether you are working on some inner aspect of your journey or making some external changesyou are opening up and new opportunities are about to appear.The changes you have been working on are ready and ripe for the pickingso be sure you see your intentions through with continued action and optimistic expectations.


Remain conscious and open about how you are balancing your goals and your physical and emotional energy.Whenever you feel yourself getting off centreor losing focusbring your attention back to your heart space and reconnect with your higherself and your angels and then pay attention to your intuition as it will lead you in the best direction for those intentions.You will feel more in the flow and find a peaceful and balanced approach.


Affirm: "I am living a more balanced and centred life.I have the power to create wonderful opportunities in my life."


And so it is




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