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 7 Lamat, 6 Pop, 1 Ik




Dratzo! The recent blackout created by the elders is only nowbeing lifted. This was caused by those who seek anonymity and hence desire forthese monies to be delivered in as ceremonial a way as possible. What is nowrequired is your continued patience combined with the knowledge that all of ourplans are truly being readied to unfold. In this regard, we simply ask all to remainin a positive mode, ready to receive the great gifts to be given them byHeaven. Therefore wonderful surprises are nearly ready for dispersal.





   There is presently adeep desire for everyone concerned to complete all deliveries. Be prepared forsome movement to happen suddenly. The time is arriving for some swift action.We expect this to occur quickly but initially to be almost unnoticeable.Therefore, it is vital that you remain ready to act as efficiently as possiblewhen certain undeniable actions are fully noted. A mode for delivery is tosuddenly appear and then, to quickly disappear. Given the precedents that havealready been set, these irrational actions are something you should now befully prepared for.





   In this regard, pleasenote that all of this is being played out in the context of the highlysubversive delaying game of the Cabal. The dark ones fully realize exactly whatthese deliveries mean to their fate. They know just how swiftly events can moveforward once this process truly begins. The NESARA Republic requires only apart of the first fundings to manifest which will quickly end the odd game thatthey are desperately acting out. All we are truly waiting for is the Light tomanifest the energy needed for the much-needed deliveries. Indeed, somethingmost wonderful is about to come this way!





   In this Light, be welladvised to act promptly when the appropriate signs are given. The need for arapid and well-thought-out plan for action is essential. Use your abilities toact and properly use your moments of insight most carefully. Then, and onlythen, can you easily be successful and better able to achieve your long-soughtgoals. We urge you to be ready to act, to seize the prize that is rightfullyyours. Take this most welcome advice, which is the key for you to truly be mostsuccessful. Much is already in place that will allow events to quickly moveahead!!





   Blessed Ones! We areyour Ascended Masters! The hardest part is for you to continue to trust thatall that has been planned for humanity occur swiftly and in good time. Heavenhas given us merciful deeds to achieve on your behalf. We graciously acceptthese challenges and deeply desire that these deliveries be achieved promptly.It is these constant false starts that are taking a toll on each one of you,and we fully understand your growing trepidations. Be reassured that theremaining obstacles are to be dealt with in a quick and timely manner in orderthat the unsought delays are removed!





Most of the so-calledblessed reasons for these ever-constant irregularities are uncalled for. Whatis truly needed is an explanation that clarifies the real reasons behind thisodd behavior. Heaven assures us that the present calamities are scheduled tocome to an abrupt conclusion. The ongoing chaos seriously needs to be correctedso that those in charge, who are ready to begin implementing their plans, cando so. In this sacred Light let the current follies be ended and graciouslyreplaced with only solid and positive results. Let this reality adjust to whatis now egregiously happening. Let this future be what makes our hearts sing!





   It is becoming evidentto us that these constant unblessed shenanigans cannot continue. Instead, letthere be a quick and clear decision to go rapidly forward and end these all toofrequent sudden stops. Institute, as Heaven desires, a quick and certain greenlight. The latter part of Summer awaits and with it, a most auspicious Lunareclipse. Use this Heavenly event to set in motion how the success of thispresent course is to conclude! Hallelujah!! Hallelujah!!





   Today, we continued toreport on what is occurring around you. This sacred Orb desperately requires avast and truly succinct resolution. It is time for deliveries and for solutionsto be found that will resolve all that is preventing the final proper ending tothis heart-wrenching tale! Remember that the never-ending and countless supplyof Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gejun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! AndBe In Joy!) So Be It!


今天,我们继续报导了在你们周围所发生的事情。这个神圣天体极度地要求一个巨大而又真正简洁的解决方案。这是交付的时间,这是找到解决方案来解决阻止最终恰当地结束这个令人心痛的故事的所有事情!请知晓天堂数不尽的供应和永无止境的繁荣确实是你们的!去这样成为它!Selamat GajunSelamat Ja!(天狼星语,成为一!处于喜悦中!)









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