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Dratzo! Many signs now indicate that we are actually movingcloser to the much-anticipated deliveries. The numerous delays and theiraccompanying glitches have reached a most critical point. We continue to fullyexpect your promised deliveries to eventually occur. This process, as noted inprevious reports, is taking far too long to successfully execute. The constantdelays by the deliverers is appalling. At times, their frequent excuses wouldappear planned. The distribution process should not be a hit-or-miss procedure.It would be much easier to work in large and complete delivery batches toachieve a success.




   To us, these ongoingdelays are an omen that, in reality, there is still an undercurrent of aninternal argument between those who wish to succeed and those who indirectly donot. We know that such large programs can be easily set up to do as one trulydesires. It is a sign of planned incompetence when each attempt at a workabledelivery system proves unsuccessful. We possess technology that could easilyachieve these goals in a most secure manner. The time is now ripe to use asimple saying: Either one decides to 'fish or cut bait'. Ultimately thedecision rests with the deliverers.




   The current process isforcing the banks to reactivate long-abandoned procedures. A new method wouldbe more able to allow the endless amounts of money to be successfully selectedinstead of being repeatedly recounted. A revamped procedure would make itpossible to discover the means to quickly correct any previous mistakes. Inthis regard, it is hoped that a final solution be adapted and successfullyutilized in very short order!




   Changing the bankingsystem is why we believe it possible for a workable solution to be created.Hence, we expect all systems to be in place shortly. In fact, those now in theknow expect a decisive solution will resolve all current difficulties andprovide an easy resolution. We are happy to bear witness to a conclusivescenario which now draws extremely close. The final celebrations are at themost just over the horizon!




   Namaste! We are yourAscended Masters! The method required to "clean up" the mess createdby the current global delays can still be easily accomplished. We are, in spiteof this lengthy process, fully ready to alter what is unfolding and to finallypermit our visions to create joy and prosperity. Let us thank Heaven and all incharge for prioritizing the new approach to success. It is to put us all quitenear to our true destiny and, in this, we greatly thank Heaven for graciouslydemanding this current effort.




   The present endeavor isyet another sign that a great final push is indeed underway. This divine effortis being underwritten by the gracious decrees of Heaven. With this behind us,we are confident that these renewed attempts at resolving the delivery holdupswill be able to bring into view both your prosperity and the new NESARARepublic. It is only a short time before all that you have long dreamed ofbecomes a true manifested reality. Once again, it is vital that you hold yourvisions and prepare for what is swiftly to be yours!




   Take this blessed timeto review and again sanctify what you see in these visions and be ready to doall that is necessary to truly manifest them. Within your Heart, never losesight of what you wish to create to facilitate your part of a vast humanitarianeffort. You are here to alter this present reality and to change it for thebetter. In this manner all of you are to forge a brand new reality. Never letall the many delays change this most marvelous vision of a new realm for allhumanity! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!




   Today, we reviewed whatnow is certainly happening around this precious orb. The new "powers thatbe" are deeply determined to complete the deliveries needed to assure thatthe global RV and its associated cousin, the GCR, are initiated and completedas soon as possible. In addition, the rise of the NESARA Republic (GESARAglobally) likewise needs to be completed quickly. The never-ending andcountless supply of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gejun! Selamat Ja! (Sirianfor Be One! And Be in Joy! ) So Be It!


今天,我们回顾了现在在这个珍贵的天体上所确定发生的事情。新“当权者”深深地下决心完成所需的交付来确保重估值(RV)以及相连的全球货币重估值(GCR)尽快启动并完成。此外,NESARA共和国的出现(GESARA全球版NESARA法案)也同样地需要快速地完成。天堂数不尽的供应和永无止境的繁荣确实是你们的!去这样成为它!Selamat GajunSelamat Ja!(天狼星语,成为一!处于喜悦中!)








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