The Particle Convergence is a really big occurrence for Earth and all humanity, which essentially reflects a stronger merging of dimensions and timelines into one while heralding in a swift matrix shift for our planet. The significance of this occurrence is that Earth continues to be pulled into the trajectory of zero point and the merged timeline of its highest dimensional potential.



This can be envisioned as a complete re-write of all other non-serving timelines to finally bring a firm close to the old system that is commonly called, ‘third dimension’. Planet Earth is returning back to its original seeding and point of origination as a higher dimensional planetary body.

这可以被设想为所有其他非服务性时间线的完全重写,以最终让这个通常被叫做 第三维度”的旧系统带来一个确实的关闭。行星地球正在恢复到起始的种子模型,那个最初的起源点,成为一个更高维度的行星体。


This gives great meaning to the immense level of purging we are now witnessing from the collective mainframe and mass consciousness morphogenetic field. All that is happening in the world of upheaval is on purpose and as result of Earth’s ascending pulse.



In our physical dimension, there is a three-day solar ecliptic window beginning on August 21st when we are literally in the sweet spot for this particle convergence activity and grand seeding of new circuitry. Everything within our field gets super magnified at the level of thoughts, feelings and creative action.

在我们的物理层面上,从 8 21 日开始有一个为期 3 天的太阳黄道窗口期,我们正处于最佳状态,去迎接宇宙粒子的汇聚活动和新电路的大播种。我们领域内的一切都会因思想,感受和创造性的动作而被超级放大。


What this means from a spiritual perspective, is an occurrence with monumental potential to propel and elevate our own timeline transition into the reality of our highest held preferences. Just like the Earth, our bodies are making way for the new energetic foundation and crystalline hubs to come online.



When this first big wave of the Particle Convergence streams through, from August until December, it will be like crystal rivers moving and flowing throughout the energy architecture of Earth to securely anchor the new circuitry that supports higher dimensional existence.

8 月到 12 月,当第一波宇宙粒子流汇聚并且穿过地球的时候,这就像一条水晶河流在地球的能量结构中流动,固定新电路的安全,以支持更高维度的存有。


The strongest places on Earth that this can be experienced are the main nodal points along the crystalline grid network including the sacred sites, the leyline grid and geographical regions that hold a high level of crystal energy in the ground.



As individuals and as a collective, we are placing high priority on matching our vibration with Earth’s ascending rhythms. Some ways to do this include getting yourself activated through group coherence building activities. Going deeper into your spiritual work. Being the calm eye of the storm while unplugging yourself from the mainstream chaos. Surrendering all unnecessary distractions and focusing yourself in the pure clear spiritual light of the soul.



It is also very important to stay grounded and centered while these higher frequencies anchor in. Be sure to take plenty of time to integrate, spending time in nature, peaceful contemplation, whatever brings you into that place of inner quietude.



Finally, and perhaps the most important of all, listen to the signals from your body and your higher mind. During these times of great upheaval, our natural instincts and divine intuition are the unfailing homing beacons that will guide us safely through this planetary transition.



It is certainly going to be a powerful year of shift for us all.



May your greater emergence be blessed,



Tiara Kumara



 SOURCE: Tiara Kumara 探寻神秘园



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