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 Imagine a banquet spread out before you, with every kind of food you can imagine. Everything is beautifully presented, quantities are unlimited, and you can have anything that you desire and as much of it as you want. Before you get to the table of food, however, you must choose the plate on which you will place the food. The plates available to you are in a variety of sizes, from a very small plate to a large platter.




The plate that you choose determines how much of the food from the banquet that you will be able to put on your plate.




Even if they are starving, some people will choose the smallest plate, thinking that they do not deserve more than that.




Others will choose a small plate because they are afraid that people will think they are greedy.




Others will choose the largest plates, not because they think that they deserve more but because they are afraid that the food will go away before they have the opportunity to eat their fill.




Some do believe that they deserve to have the most from the banquet and want to know that they have more than others.




Some will choose no plate at all because they do not think the banquet is for them. Only a few will actually choose the plate that they want simply because it appeals to them.




The banquet represents the unlimited abundance available to you, spiritually, energetically, and materially and the plates represent what you are able to accept in your life in terms of love, joy, and abundance. Whatever size plate you believe you would choose, and no matter how much food you would put on your plate, your choice is determined by how much you believe you deserve to have from lifes banquet. If you will look at your own life as a banquet, you can see that perhaps it is time for you to choose a bigger plate. For if you do not have enough of anything in your life, it is not that it is not available to you, you must choose to connect with and to receive more of what you want.




There are no limits to the abundance of the Universe and that is very hard for humanity to accept. Living in societies where only a few seem to enjoy the best and the most of everything, many of you can feel that there is only so much to go around and there is not enough for everyone to have everything. And indeed, if everyone had an opportunity to have everything, there would be no need or opportunity for comparison.




No matter where you are in your life, choose to look at the banquet of possibilities before you and learn to enjoy the feast that is set before you. Choose the biggest plate that appeals to you and then fill it to overflowing. Even if the plate that you have chosen in the past is small, you can change your choice at any time and choose to enjoy bountiful quantities of the unlimited banquet that the Universe makes available to you, every day.





通灵:Jennifer Hoffman

翻译:Nick Chan



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