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JJK: What is it that I perceive?I am inwardly restless, as if something is imminent, without me knowing what and when? Is this related to my own life or to all humanity?


JJK: 我感知到的是什么?我的内心焦躁不安,好似什么迫在眉睫,而我不知道是什么以及何时到来?这与我个人的生活有关还是与全人类有关?


SANANDA: Both as well! For if the circumstances of life change for all humanity, they change for you as well.


萨南达: 两者都是!因为如果生活情况为所有人改变,它们也会为你改变


JJK: What is it? What are we facing?


JJK: 那是什么?我们正面临什么?


SANANDA: Energy waves, manifestations of light –of a power, power and greatness that did not exist before. This builds up day by day and finds its first peak in early summer 2019 and then the second leg in late autumn 2019.


萨南达: 能量波,光的显化 --- 之前并不存在的力量、伟大。它每天都在不断积累,会在 2019 年初夏到达第一个高峰,然后会在 2019 年深秋到达第二个高峰


JJK: That is, the energy waves from the Central Sun increase in a manner perceptible for all humanity?


JJK: 那是,来自中央太阳的能量波在对所有人可察觉的方式中增加吗?


The last window of opportunities opens




SANANDA: It’s increasing so much that more and more people are taking it. In this way, more and more people are getting into the boat of ascension and many are boarding the train into the light. What this is all about is:


萨南达: 它增长地非常多,越来越多的人在吸收它。在这样的方式中,越来越多的人踏上扬升的小船,许多人登上通往光的火车。这一切都是关于:


The last window of opportunity opens.




What you feel, this inner restlessness, many people who are sensitive today are true. Seers know the cause, people like you suspect the reason or try to track it down. Most people can not interpret their inner turmoil or make wrong assignments. It is the effects of the transformation energy that flows to Earth from the Central Sun.




The chaos that currently prevails on the world political stage and that some politicians order, others want to maintain, can be explained by this.




The inner transformation of man and the external transformation of the whole human society are underway.




The goal of the spiritual levels of light is to accompany humanity so far that traumatic dislocations that cause renewed karma chains are avoided as much as possible. As a result, some processes drag on and much of what has been announced has been postponed.Like a frog in the hot water




JJK: Does that explain my feeling that humanity –like a frog in the hot water –is cooking slowly without her noticing. I am thinking of the many dependencies and manipulations mentioned in the conversation with MAHAVATAR BABAJI. Deeper and deeper, people are supposed to get into the craving for technical achievements, they are being rebuilt into organic Robortern and they do not even notice it –probably only when it’s too late.


JJK: 这是否解释了我的感受,人类 --- 就像热水中的青蛙 --- 被缓慢地煮熟而不知情。我想到了巴巴吉提到的许多依赖关系和操纵(译注:这篇巴巴吉的文章过几天会翻)。越来越深地,人们本应渴望技术上的成就,他们被重建为有机的机器人,他们甚至都没有意识到 --- 也许只有为时已晚的时候才会意识到


SANANDA: This process has to take place in this way, so that the individual person can make certain experiences and make certain decisions.


萨南达: 这个进程必须在这样的方式中发生,这样个体可以拥有特定的体验和做出特定的决定


That, as revealed in many a message, everything will become even more acute, is because the cup of suffering must be emptied to the ground.




Before the golden age can begin, abysses must open up so that man can choose at all.




Those who sleep soundly get an opportunity to wake up. Dark as well as light experiences are fully enjoyed by a human being. There is no difference in whether a human drama or something divine is experienced –both are always fully experienced. Only then is it lived and man can freely choose a path.


那些熟睡的人得到一次醒来的机会。黑暗以及光的体验被一个人充分地享受。无论是处于一个人类的戏剧还是神圣的体验,没有区别 --- 两者总是被充分体验。只有这样它才会被活出,人类可以自由选择一条道路


JJK: Will the frog jump out of the water in time?


JJK: 青蛙会及时跳出热水吗?


SANANDA: We, your spiritual family from the Light, are committed to getting as many people out of the water as possible. We see in it the opportunity for great growth of many people. Everything is done and yet many will say NO –if YES is required –or say YES if NO is necessary.


萨南达: 我们,你来自光的精神家人,致力于让尽可能多的人离开热水。我们在此之中看到了巨大的成长机遇,对许多人来说。一切都已完成,但许多人会说“不” --- 如果“是”被需要 --- 或说“是”,如果“不”是必需的


Right and wrong




JJK: The Distinctiveness –how to sharpen it, so that people can recognize wrong and right and distinguish false from true prophets?Or is there basically –as some spiritual schools say –no “wrong”or “right”.


JJK: 辨别力 --- 如何提高它,这样人们可以认识到错与对,辨别真假先知?还是基本上 --- 就像一些灵性学校说的 --- 没有“对与错”


SANANDA: Wrong is everything that runs counter to one’s own unfolding and against the meaning of life.


萨南达: “错”是与一个人的展开完全相反的东西,违背生命的意义


Right is everything that happens in the sense of the soul plan of the individual or a whole planet.




Dramas are and were often part of dates. Today, the amount of drama is full for many people. However, many people are still cranking the wheel of karma, continuing their journey. Unknowingly and unconsciously, they create more karma loops and entanglements in a time of grace and salvation.




This is exactly what the spiritual light planes of being, your siblings from the Light, try to mitigate as much as possible.As many people as possible should be harvested.




Be harvested




JJK: “Harvest”for what?


JJK: 收割”为什么?


SANANDA: For the fourth or fifth dimension of light, the lighter levels of being.


萨南达: 为第四或第五维度、更高层面的光之存有


JJK: Will this my inner turmoil last even longer?


JJK: 我内心的焦躁不安会持续很久吗?


SANANDA: Like waves that come and go, this happens inside you.


萨南达: 就像海浪来来去去,这就是在你之内发生的


The days that thwart certain plans of the dark rulers and destroy them forever are near. Be sure: what has to happen will happen!




And be sure: The best preparation for this is your own “inside look”. For the lighter your soul is, the easier it is for you to greet the coming –instead of being afraid of it.


确信:最好的准备工作就是“内在的样子”。因为你的灵魂越轻盈,你就越容易面对即将到来的 --- 而不是害怕它


I am with you and I stay with you with an infinite host of beings of light.









通灵:Jahn J Kassl

翻译:Nick Chan


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