Greetings my dear brothers and sisters! I AM Jesus Sananda. I am your family and friend, I am your ally.




I come today, on this day of celebration, to sit with you and hold your hands in love and admiration because you are doing a terrific job, regardless of the intense and rapid changes occurring all over the world. No matter how harsh life has been for you lately, you never gave up on your faith in yourself and in the guidance that was given to you. Your desire to fulfill the Mother’s Plan, our plan, your divine plan is outstanding and admirable.




Many are giving up on this lifetime, many are asking to be taken back home since this period of transition is perceived as unbearable and extremely difficult to be undertaken. But not you! You have been diligent in your desire to bring love, healing, and harmony into your lives, into the lives of your immediate family, and into the lives of your entire community and the planet at large.




Do not underrate your contributions in bringing in and anchoring love on planet Earth! Do not underestimate the service you are doing for the Mother and for the entire human collective, not by doing anything spectacular but just by being the pure light that you are.




That doesn’t mean that by being your true selves, the fullness of who you are, the creator selves, that you are not going to bring plenty of manifestations and miracles for everyone to see. In divine timing, dear brothers and sisters, everything is happening just as planned.




You are already seeing and feeling the results of just being present and loving in every moment. Just by being present, in form, on Earth, in these chaotic times of change is a miracle and a gift to all of us, to the Mother, to yourselves, and to so many out there who can benefit from the love and healing light that is emanating throughout your entire being.




You have endeavored to let go of your deep inner knowing of every detail of your plan, and as a consequence, you are flowing with grace and trust that you are guided in every moment to be and do that which is for the highest and greatest good of all. It is your commitment to the light and to the love that makes it easier for you to move faster and faster through your life lessons, and therefore you are expanding your consciousness at a rate that has never before been possible on Earth.




Yes, remember that you are the wayshowers and that you are forging new ways which have never before been attempted. More and more of you are anchoring in the 5D and above while in physical form, and now you are navigating through the changes and adjustments of functioning at that level while still being in form and living in the world.




You realized that attachment to the extremes of duality – right or wrong, sad or happy, white and dark, and all others – is the cause of a lot of turmoil and distress for the old parts of yourselves and for the rest of unawakened humanity. You decided to stop supporting any particular sides of the spectrum, including the positive ones, while nevertheless experiencing them briefly, but realizing that there is no need for you to identify with them and sit there for too long.




Lifting yourselves above the third dimensionality and permanently anchoring into the 13th Octave and then just being and flowing through whatever you need to undergo, without resistance or attack, is the way of the Nova Earth.




You are still going to perceive challenges at times, but when you act from the unity of your being all the parts of yourselves are at peace and are able to handle anything that arises on your paths with the utmost grace and ease. You do not have to work hard in the Nova Earth, you just need to find your peace within your own loving hearts at all times.




I will leave you now with my embrace and brotherly love! Celebrate this day! Celebrate your life!









通灵:Genoveva Coyle

翻译:Nick Chan





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