The enlightenment process really is a process of coming Home to yourself.It is about acknowledging your own divinity your own innate wisdom your own beingness your own belonging as an incredibly valuable and beloved part of the greater whole.As you are peeling back the layers of self denial through your releasing process you are discovering this more and more and the entire universe is assisting you in this process.




There is no one who can be a better expert on you than you.There is no one who can make better decisions or guide you or navigate your path better than you.No one else can feel exactly what you feel or follow the urgings of your soul other than you.It is the acceptance of that fact that will allow you to take your power back and to truly start to live authentically and begin to live a life that honours who you really are and what you are on the planet to experience.




When you step into living your life to honour your truth is when you start to be of your greatest purpose.That is when you find the perfect matches the joyful service and the bliss that comes from embracing your beingness.That is when you will shine truly shine in the ways that will lead you to your greatest adventures and grandest potentials and that Dear Ones is our greatest desire for you.~Archangel Gabriel








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