Dear Ones we want you to know that it is all alright.If you meditate or if you don't it is alright.If you are patient and loving and then you are not it is alright.If you shine brightly one day and then don't for a week it is alright.It is all alright.




You see you are growing and expanding and you will do it at your own unique pace.In some areas you will move forward quickly in other areas it may take more time.You get to choose how you wish to do things.




From our perspective all movement is forward movement.Whether you are taking great strides or stalled out in full blown resistance it will all lead to forward movement for even the greatest resistance ultimately leads to surrender and growth.




We do urge you to find how to move forward with the greatest amount of ease for you for discomfort is not a necessary pre-requisite to growth.You can embrace your evolution and through surrender and flow expand beautifully.But it is completely and totally your choice what is your preferred way of doing things.




But Gabriel how do we know we are growing you ask? The answer to that is simple Dear Onesbecause you are in the body on the planet.~Archangel Gabriel








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