Live in Authenticity



Be your true and natural self.So often one struggles with becoming an image of others and then learn to strive to become that unrealistic being and a cycle of external validation begins.It is time to look within at the undiscovered country that is you.It is not easy to detach from the expectations of others or society however that is the an important step.Begin by seeing how your own thoughts and feelings about situations people and things affects what is happening around you.This greater awareness will help you to live your truth and be your authentic self.



Make your thoughts and feelings important to you while remembering that they really aren"t important to anyone else and need not be.They are yours alone and yours to own.Become the master of you and through that truth you will find eternal truths that will help you to shift your world.




The mantra for today is"I am discovering and understanding more about myself each day as I explore my authentic thoughts and feelings."




And so it is




You are dearly loved and supported always the angels and guides




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