Deva means god, agar means a dwelling place -- a house of God. And start looking at yourself in that way, as a house for God, a temple for God. The body is the temple and without God it is a house without a master.




The master has to be invited, and all the religions are nothing but invitations to God... the empty dwelling seeking the master, searching for the master. And there cannot be any joy without the master. The master is not far away. If we thirst for him, if our thirst is really passionate and intense, any moment you will hear the knock and know that he has come.




Just a passionate desire is needed. The so-called religious people are very cold. Their prayers are cold, have no passion, hence they go on praying and go on missing too; their prayers are impotent.




So make your search very passionate. Put into it all that you have. You can get only that much which you put into it, neither less nor more.... If you put everything totally at stake then God can be available this very moment.




译自:OSHO The Open Door




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