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A Message toLightworkers – July 24 2017


通灵者:Caroline OceanaRyan



The latest guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, EarthElementals, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective:



Greetings, Universal Co-Creators!



We greet you in this day before the Mayan calendar’s “Day Out ofTime” [July 25], in these days before the August 8 Lion’s Gate, and the SolarEclipse of August 21.



In these powerful and rather challenging days, your minds andbodies are being prepared to receive downloads of the highest possiblefrequency of Light data that you are able to receive at present—Light particlesthat work more powerfully than what has reached your planet in millennia.



It is so that the Lion’s Gate occurs annually, aligning Earthwith your Galactic center and the star Sirius.



Yet this particularly potent alignment in this calendar yearwill open a portal not only for outer manifestations to occur with greater easeand in higher forms.



It is also a doorway into a level of inner Transformation thatcan only result in the turning of your Earth from the denser vibrations ofprevious timelines into a far higher, unified timeline.



These are the frequenciesrequired for Ascension energies to anchor fully, not only within Earth Herself,but in all who live upon Her.



This is a majority decision.



Though not all refer to Ascension by that precise term, themajority of humanity has requested and required that shift into higherdimensional living.



And so you are birthing that, and all the more powerfully inthese times of alignment of the Lion’s Gate and the upcoming solar eclipse.



And so, though it may haveonce been exciting to think of yourselves as a minority fighting for Earth’sfreedom from the shackles of the old system of enslavement, you are no longer aminority.



More than a lift into greater DNA activation, as positive andempowering as that is, you are experiencing an intense re-cognition andreclaiming of your true higher dimensional identities.



This is the missing piece long hidden inside your thirddimensional consciousness, as you labored within the lower-frequency energygrid for many Earth lives.



You are joining now with theconsciousness of the crystalline energy grid.



This grid runs through and all around Earth in a pattern ofsacred geometry, infused with Light from the Great Crystals, and special LightBeings (such as dolphins and whales), and Light centers in your galaxy—andincreasingly now, from the Light of your own souls.



This is how starships can be powered by consciousness alone, ifthey are made of materials that react and respond to the consciousness of thoseconnected to them etherically.



This is where true intelligence, and true plasma-based power andco-creational ability, show themselves in ways that will become increasinglymore “ordinary” to you as you continue to Ascend.



The crystalline energy grid was fully enabled and empowered inthe time of Atlantis.



With its increasing awakening, and your growing conscious andsubconscious connection to it, you are indeed moving into a fifth dimensionalparadigm.



As you increasingly telepathically connect with that grid, whichenlivens every increasingly crystalline cell in your body, the old energetictraps and shadows of a darker age will not be able to reach you (unless youchoose to remain there with them).



This is indeed a cause forcelebration, but be kind to yourself in these energetically demanding times.



For much will seem out of control, unplanned, strange andill-fitting, and difficult some days.



The inner and outer shifts you are experiencing in yourindividual life are signs that your higher self is releasing all that is nolonger serving your higher good, nor the good of the planet.



Yet you may argue with the discomforts of old pain, old sadness,or old anger coming to the surface.



While that is occurring, things that formerly made sense toyou—your job, business, or energy practice, your relationship, beliefs, orliving space, or some other basic part of life—may suddenly feel all wrong orrather strange, as if you have outgrown them, or as if they belong in someoneelse’s life.



Things that once suited you perfectly—your location, yourvehicle, your clothing, your food preferences—may now also feel strange, as yourealize ways in which they are holding you back from your true life expression.



Things that once made you angry or feel uncertain aboutlife—politicians’ play-acting, the fits or antics of a partner, family member,boss or coworker, or the divisive voices of the media—may now strike you asirrelevant, and nothing worth reacting to.



All of this Divine Lightpouring into you now is simply Divine Love—Light is simply Love in one of itsmost transformational forms.



And Love, as they say, always brings up its opposite.



This releasing of all that no longer serves you is the naturalreaction of any Light-based organism to greater levels of Light.



This occurs so that whatever is hitting a wrong note with younow—anything not in tune with your soul strengths, your most true and authenticself, or with fifth dimensional life in general—can come up to the surface tobe healed, or simply dissolved.



Yes, it is uncomfortable, strange, and inconvenient, perhapseven upsetting at times.



Yet you have asked for this.



You have called out to your Galactic families to showthemselves, to help you right the upside down nature of things on Earth, to aidin your Ascension and in the Ascension of millions, by engaging with humanbeings more openly and more often, and you have been answered.



You have called out to your soul, your Angels and higher self, towise guides and elders, to Creator God/Goddess, the Ascended Masters—all mannerof higher beings with Divine Love at their core—requiring their support,healing, and wisdom, and you have been answered.



And you have called out to your own human consciousness toremember and reclaim its highest origin on a soul level.



To express its Divinity–any aspect of the Divine, so long as itis Love itself–demonstrating on a daily basis, even in quiet moments of sadnessor feelings of loss, even in the confused state that is your greatest growthand expansion.



And so in these days comingup to Great Change, we speak to you who have come to be Change Agents, and sendyou the Light that holds the data of Remembering Who You Are, and why youspecifically have come here now—your particular path of not only individualenlightenment, but of greater Good.



And we bow to you as always, though you may feel you have donelittle for that moment of recognition.



We bow to you for having the bravery to come here and to siftthrough so many hundreds (or thousands) or years’ worth of density, of karmalong accumulated and now dissolving in the Light of the Love you now carry foryourselves, your planet, your Universe, and one another.



Namaste, dear ones! We are with you, and we help to carry thetremendous weight of this journey.



And so call upon us, when theday feels too heavy, when the release of old shadows feels too great a patternto dissolve.



We are here beside you, always.



Copyright 2017, Caroline Oceana Ryan


If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this informationby reprinting it exactly as you find it here, and including the link to theoriginal post. Thank you.








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