Dear Ones if you have an area of your life that is less than ideal to you and you have developed a lot of negative self talk about that topic the first step is to simply commit to watching your own chatter about that topic.You might even want to write down the statements you make about that area of your life.Try not to judge the situation or yourself you are simply gathering information.




Once you have compiled your typical statements around this area of your life we would like you to ask yourself as you read each one is"Is this really true?" Then if you think it has been true ask"Is this a truth I would like to perpetuate?" As you read the list of your typical statements feel the energy.It likely feels very dense and frustrating.Pay attention to your body.You likely feel clenched in your abdominal area.Your body probably feels very tense as you read your list.That feeling you are experiencing is resistance.




Once you are done inspecting your list we urge you to get a new piece of paper and ask yourself how you can change those old statements to better convey what you would like to create for yourself.When you read a new statement feel in your body.Do you still feel a lot of resistance? If so ask for help to release it.Then adjust the wording.Keep releasing and rewriting until you have a new statement that you can read and feel good about.One that helps you feel expanded and clear.




Then with your awareness replace any of the old chatter you may move back into out of habit with your new statements.You could even do something symbolic and burn the old list if you like.Take out your new list and read it regularly.You may even write out any new statements you particularly like and place them where you can see them daily.




You have all evolved so profoundly over the past several years of your linear time! You are creating in wondrous ways.Allow the old beliefs that you developed long ago in very different energies to leave now and embrace your ability to create anew.It is time and you are oh so ready to transform those last areas of your life that aren't working for you once and for all.~Archangel Gabriel






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