Ascension Symptoms





Some of you are experiencing subtle shifts in your energy and well-being and yet others are experiencing enormous shifts and changes at this time and so trust that all is well as you find your balance and return to a state of harmonious being.Because your energy body and your physical body vibrate at such different rates and are beginning to merge into one in a new wayyou can experience these shifts in physical ways.Consult a healthcare practitioner that you trust and who listens to what you have to say as you feel guidedespecially if something is not getting better as you try to honour the process of healing and regeneration.Remember that sometimes the aches and pains and tiredness are due to the energetic awakenings you are going through and sometimes just spending time in naturerestmeditationeating nourishing foodsand drinking lots of water blessed with love and thank you are all that is required to get you through it and at other times there are tinctures and essences that can help the healing process run more smoothly.





Your angel guidance is to remember that you are spiritually awakening into greater light and this expansionwhile natural and beautifulrequires time and taking care of yourself.You will be experience your world in new wayswith new sensitivities and understandings and this all can be made easier when you take the time to allow the process to unfold.





Affirmation: "I bathe myself in healing light to healpurifyand regenerate my physicalemotionalmentaland spiritual bodies as I continue the process of merging my energy bodies with my physical and expand my light."





And so it is





You are dearly loved and supportedalwaysthe angels and guides





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