Dear Ones,




Perhaps you are concerned about your future direction –or not. It does not matter for as you evolve your direction is changing daily.


也许你在担心你未来的发展方向 --- 或者没有在担心。这并不重要,因为随着你进化,你的方向每天都在改变


Some of you have difficulties believing that anything in your life or understanding is shifting. Yet, you catch yourself laughing at a silly object or becoming unusually angry at something that has happened many times before.




Both your internal being and your outer world are evolving more rapidly than you comprehend. Perhaps some of you experienced past global upheavals as your 3D personal life was changing. In all likelihood, your life was of greater importance to you at that time than world events. So it is now.


你的内在和外在都在比你所能理解的更加快速地发展。也许你们一些人体验过过去的全球剧变,随着你 3D 的个人生活发生改变。很有可能,此刻你的生活比起世界性的事件对你来说更加重要。所以现在就是这样


You question your judgment, actions, and friends, allowing little interest in global events.Even though you likely know a smattering of what is being reported, your main interest is your immediate world. Do those world events affect your life or your worldview? If so, you are interested. If not, you merely add the information to the unimportant knowledge collection.




Your world, your being is shifting from macro to micro.So it is, you are now more interested in your life than that of others. LIkely, you contend such is not true and never has been. We beg to differ. Your world was once more global than is now true. Not because you are an uncaring being, but because you are learning to love yourself.




Perhaps you once marveled at that special person who gave his or her life to save another. And while you might still do the same given your 3D training, you will not do so without questioning the wisdom of that action. For your new being is learning and accepting the importance of you.


也许你曾经赞叹付出生命来拯救别人的人。虽然你可能依旧会这么做,出于你 3D 的训练,你不会再丝毫不去质疑这一行为的智慧去做。因为你新的存在在学习和接纳自身的重要性


Past measures were to save women, children, and infirm –anyone defined by society as weak. Your safety was not part of the equation –especially if you were a male. Now that loving yourself is becoming the new ‘law of the land’more are questioning saving others before themselves.


过去的措施是拯救妇女、儿童、体弱者 --- 任何被社会定义为弱势群体的人。你的安全并不是等式的一部分 --- 尤其当你是一个男性。现在爱自己成为新的“王法”,更多的人在质疑“先去拯救别人然后再自己”


Such statements make you cringe for you were taught for eons that others were more important than you. That you should deny yourself before you deny others.That you can always take care of yourself, but those poor others do not have the capacity to do so.




Is that true?Such are your new frightening thoughts. Not because you are a terrible person, but because the logic of loving yourself informs you that you are as capable as anyone and the same is true for those who were once considered weak.




Likely, you continue to believe the model that you are stronger than anyone, that others can never care for themselves as well as you do, that you are superior to others. At the same time, you worry that you are not enough, not as good as others. Do you see how you have tortured yourself for eons? Knowing internally that you were an earth savior and yet, believing you were not acceptable as you were. A dichotomy that created such pain within you that you no longer valued yourself.


很有可能,你继续相信你比任何人都强大的模范 --- 其他人永远无法像你一样照顾好自己,你高人一等。与此同时,你担心你不足够,不如别人。你是否看到恒久以来你是如何折磨自己的?你在内心深处知道,你是地球的救世主,但是,你相信你的所是并不被人所接纳。一个在你之内创造了如此痛苦的分歧,你不再能重视自己


You and your neighbor are equally valuable. This transition that you initiated cannot be completed without your global friends and neighbors. You are an earth angel in the correct earth place.


你和你的邻居拥有同等的价值。这个你发起的转变无法不带你全球 / 总体的朋友和邻居完成。你是一个地球天使,处于正确的位置


Others who follow will soon begin to feel more compatible with you for they, too, will learn to love themselves.




But until then, do not pressure yourself by attempting to determine who is more valuable or weaker or whatever sets you apart from others.Your only role now is to learn to love yourself. And you will do so by finding and following your joy.As will those who follow.




Those who follow are not weaker or less than you, they are merely playing a different role in this transition drama.Even though their stage entrance is after yours, without their input the drama would fall flat –your entrance would end the play for there would be no middle or end.


那些跟随的人并不比你弱或差劲,他们只是在这个转变戏剧中扮演着不同的角色。尽管他们的舞台入场是跟在你后面的,没有他们的输入,戏剧会失败 --- 你的入场就会结束演出,因为不会有中间或结尾


So it is you need to remember that you are not more or less important than those who follow. Just as you need to remember that you are strong, and so are they. Different roles in an extremely dramatic play that require the full attention and input from all actors, no matter how small their role appears to be.




It is also time to realize that your infant or the infant down the street is entering earth in this lifetime to add a role to this amazing play. There are no bit players. For without the entirety of the actors, this transition could not be.




Your inner voice is telling you how important this new stage of learning and accepting self-love is. There is no we as you do so for you have given your life and many others to that concept. The 3D we is no longer the stronger entity –that which made you feel wrong for you believed those who created the 3D we were more important than you.


你内在的声音在告诉你,这个学习和接纳自爱的新阶段是有多么重要。没有“我们”,随着你这么做,因为你为那个概念付出了你的生命和许多其它东西。“ 3D 的我们”不再是更加强大的实体 --- 这让你感觉不对劲,因为你相信那些创造了“ 3D 的我们”的人比你更加重要


Even though your heart perhaps continues to go out to children and the elderly, please remember that they too have an essential role to enact.For if you feel you must control them because you are so much wiser or more important, you lose your sense of self-love.




you and others of the earth are equals.Something you have never felt before while of the earth. For your personal history is of others being better and you being odd or somehow not quite complete. That thought process is now fading, which concerns you. For you feel you ‘should’be more loving, more of a caretaker, more of the giver you have been for eons.




This is a new world and a new time. You are a new being in a new play. Allow yourself to learn how to love yourself before you feel the need to care for others. In this new world, there are no entities more or less important than you. Something you, even now, find difficult to understand.




The love you share is now equal, whereas you once gave hoping for something in return.




You have a right to say, “No”or “Yes.”Something you have denied yourself for eons as you filtered the needs of others and your need to be loved through both actions.




You are finally allowing yourself to be. As you do, your actions might not be as you expect, but all are to help you understand that you are not more or less important than others. And others are learning the same. So be it.Amen.





通灵:Brenda Hoffman

翻译:Nick Chan



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