When you are in a state of meditation or quiet visualizationyou are in a very powerful place.Meditation is a flowan entering into a space where you experience instant manifestation.You imagine an appleyou instantaneously have an apple.You never doubt you can have what you imagineyou simply experience it with no delay.You also know if you try something and it isn"t what you want after allyou can simply create again.There is no doubtno hesitationno procrastinationno fear.




When you are in that meditative stateyou are also in the flow of creation.You are using your imagination which is such a powerful tool for your highest experiences.You are in a place of time distortion which is always a wonderful indication that you have been connected to the energies of Source.It is placing yourself in a space where all kinds of inspiration can occur.You feel peacefullovedand supported to experience yourself however you please.




When we recommend you live your life from a place of surrenderflowand intentionwe are giving you advice that will allow you to experience your life like a wakingwalking meditation.You will experience a very similar ease in your day to day life as you do in that meditative statebut with conscious awareness.As your energies continue to accelerateyou will find that what you manifest is happening in shorter and shorter time.You are already finding time to feel distortedand feeling magic seeping into your waking life more and more.




Do you see? As you step further into your masteryinto embodying your true glory in the physicalthe gap between your meditative state and your normal living state will start to closeand that is when you will experience both states as fully and authentically BEing rather than doing.~Archangel Gabriel






翻译:Nick Chan





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